Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Board No. 122 - A White Christmas

Continuing on with my home decor posts, I am removing all color and showcasing a white Christmas - one of my favorite options for the holiday season (with a little silver and gold, of course).

Top row: Swan Lake Silver Cone Ornament from amadalebel; Whirl Ornament from kimwestad; Winter White Paper Bauble Set from TanyaMac
Middle row: Vintage Bead White Angel Ornament from variation; Icy Snowball Ornaments from botanicaltheatre; Handmade 'Fancy Cane' Glass Ornament from Cloudcapglass
Bottom row: Winter Day Wreath from Stylishstems; Glass Candle Holders, Engraved With 'Floating Flakes' from daydreemdesigns; Ivory Cream Christmas Stocking in Felt from rikrak

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Board No. 121 - Shifting the Color Wheel

Sometimes green, red and gold are just too, um, boisterous for the message you're trying to get across. If I was decorating a home for the holidays, I really love non-traditional colors like peach and powder blue, just a slight shift on the color wheel and toned down to about 10%.
Top row: Reindeer Bells Gift Tags from PaperUlixis; Peach and Powder Blue Yarn Wreath from KnockKnocking; Vintage Mercury Bulbs from AMradio
Middle row: Hand Blown Glass Ornament from inthelightglassworks; An Odd Encounter Christmas Encounter from thelittlefox; Pom Pom Set from orangekisses
Bottom row: Cottage Holiday Hugs Little Deer Ornament from pinkbuttercreme; Twistar Origami Kusudama Ornament from magiccarpetbag; Salt and Pepper Christmas Trees from dbabcock

Board No. 120 - Don't Take it so Seriously

With all the stress that comes from buying presents, dealing with crazy in-laws and cleaning, cooking, wrapping, sometimes you just need to let it all go. Here's a few seasonal laughs for you:

Top row: Folk Art Creche from Phillustrations; Orna-meat from zaennabanana; Useful Soap Coal From Santa from sunbasilgarden
Middle row: Yule Shoot Your Eye Out Cross Stitch from youheartus; Bah Humbug Cat Card from LizzyClara; Ornament Hand-printed Letterpress Card from rollandtumblepress
Bottom row: Naughty or Nice Recycled Felt Pillow from alexandraferguson; Christmas Tree Mini Soaps on a Rope from SherisSoapOpera; Upcycled Crayons for Christmas from bluefoxcrafts

Monday, November 30, 2009

Board No. 119 - Christmas Tradition

This week marks the famed Rockefeller tree lighting as well as many others around the world, and that doesn't discount the thousands and thousands of people who light their homes in holiday spirit. Even though I'm Jewish, I just love all the holiday decorations this time of year, especially lights people put in trees. (Just like the abstract print at right by Etsy artist TRMACKSTUDIO.) Living in the city for nearly five years now (Fun fact: I actually moved into the District on Christmas Day), I miss a lot of the outdoor decorations you expect to see in the suburbs -- renters and condo owners just don't celebrate in the same over-the-top, blow-the-electric-bill way.

Anyway, here's my way of decorating my home away from home, my blog page. I am doing a pretty extensive series of themed holiday decor -- mostly Christmas, but will include other seasonal festivities as well. The first: traditional...

Top row: Peach Nutcracker Constable from KnockKnocking; Candy Cane Stripe Stocking from elizabethburritt; Shimmering Snow Covered Pine Cone Ornaments from BBsForBabies
Middle row: Top Hat Snowman from lindasilverthorne; Christmas Lights Ornament Set from merritthyde; Ornament Wreath from wreaths4allseasons
Bottom row: Jingle All the Way Ornament from palomasnest; Swirls and Flowers Ornament from ornamentsbydeb;
Gingerbread Man Felt Christmas Ornament from OhByJingo

Friday, November 27, 2009

Board No. 118 - Black Friday Sales

Happy day after Thanksgiving everyone! I hope your meals were delicious and the leftovers today just as good. Since it's Black Friday and I'm sure everyone was in line at Kohl's at 4 a.m. ... just kidding, who does that?!?! I actually had a couple sales in my Etsy shop today, so maybe Black Friday and Cyber Monday are converging? Anyway, I thought I do a post on fun holiday gifts from Etsy stores doing Black Friday and weekend sales*. I'm going to do a ton more gift guides coming up, but here's some completely random highlights to start:

Top row: Chunky Taupe Cowl from crazyjaneknits; Custom Calligraphy Mug from winemakerssister; Monet's Garden Necklace from JenniferCasady
Middle row: Tiger Lily Moccasin Teal from darlingtonia; Butterfly Vintage Silk Swarovski Rhinestones Bib Necklace from kirevi8; Vintage Holiday Plaid Suitcase from GetReadySetGO
Bottom row: Needle Felted Gourds from cozycottagecreations; Embellished Bag - Frill from showpony; Joy Earrings from AliciaWalsh

* Be weary because a lot of people are using the tag "EtsyHolidaySale" and the items are NOT actually a sale price.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Board No. 117 - For All the Artists

Ever since my full-time job turned from design into looking for a new job, I've been off and on with this site, but since I landed a new job (I start tomorrow!), I think I'll be a bit more attentive to my readers! Since my new job is in the marketing department at MICA, Maryland Institute College of Art, I thought I take this opportunity to do a "Pounce Undiscovered" of new Etsy artists — just like the beautiful rendition of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center painting by KymBenYaakov, at right.

Top row: Beautiful Betty Print from InspiredByShe; Pumpkin Trio Original Oil from fineartgallery; Leaf Swirl from JeansViews
Middle row: Tumultuous Sky Photograph from DonAshcraftImagery; Sailboats at Dusk Oil on Canvas from mikejonespaintings; Struggle Solar Plate Etching from suzyschultz
Bottom row: Champlain Abstract Nature Photo from ekovisions; Tree Frog on Peanut Butter Leaf Plant Photograph from jewelbugs; You Again Print from MakaiosFotos

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Board No. 116 - Bacon Infused

Last night I went to the Oval Room (near the White House) for drinks with some friends and to visit the amazing sommelier there, Brent Kroll. Definitely try the white pinot and the cab franc, but the odd highlight of the evening was a special cocktail Brent created infused with bacon - it tasted just like breakfast, with maple syrup and a smokey bacon follow. So that has inspired this post:

Top row: Cheesy Bacon Popcorn from FlutterbyPopcorn; Vegan Bacon Chocolate Bar from chocoagogo; The Fad - Peanut Butter and Bacon Peanut Brittle Cookie from FattyCakesNY
Second row: Bacon Chocolate Chip Chocolate Cookies from sweetnsavorys; Bacon and Eggs Apron from snappyshop; Bacon Soap from sweetsoaps
Third row: BLT Sandwich Necklace from peachblock; Wool Bacon Scarf from bernicesutherland; Extra Large Raw Bacon Magnets from DesignDude
Bottom row: Maple Bacon Votive Candles from kittredgecandles; Bacon Love Archival Print from mgenomgeno;
Bacon, Sun-Dried Tomato and Garlic Bagels from eeka13

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Board No. 115 - Welcoming New Etsians

Since the beginning, I have tried to make it a mission of this blog to feature new Etsy artists and vendors who haven't had any sales - but who have some amazing items for sale. Well, I am returning to the tradition:

Top row: Five Bowl Nesting Set from elizabethcohenpotter; Calcedonia Vessel 1 from stephenjacklyn; Rich Necklace from neosta
Second row: Ocean Floor Pearl Coral Gold Pendant from sunsouljewelry; Grandmother's Pearl Necklace from GloryJewelryDesigns; Spring Circle from Mar980
Third row: Turquoise and Silver Necklace from psgem2; Tree Pillow Cover from FleaFair; Duchess Satin and Cotton Velvet Slim Skirt Dress from MaretEiland
Bottom row: Black Strapless Cocktail Dress from glossvegas; Salvaged Sea Necklace from paradigmsshift; HalfMoon HandBag / Handcrafted Leather from EspontaneaBCN

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Board No. 114 - Blue Dogs

I have been rereading "Travels With Charley" by John Steinbeck, something I do every few years around this time of the year - the book takes place over a three month period from just after Labor Day to winter, and captures all seasons in Steinbeck's trip across the country. It's one of my all-time favorite books and I take away something completely different from it each time I read it, depending on where I am in my life. Well, I am doing this post to honor one of the main characters, someone who set the spirit of the ride: Charley, Steinbeck's aging French blue poodle.

Top row: Plaid Like Dad - Blue Plaid Dog Leash from BigDoggyBling; Eco Dog Coat from anniessweatshop; Custom Collar - Blue Argyle from FidosFashionCollars
Middle row: Heavy Duty Copper Washer Tag from PoochyCouture; Doggie Tug Rope from kavali8; Anti-Flea Flea Bag Heart in Blue Plaid from Fionahayes
Bottom row: Personalized Rope and Ball Dog Toy from mollymagic; Grandpa's Favorite Golf Pants Collar or Leash from TheModDog; Upcycled Umbrella Dog Rain Coat from RecyclingZychal

Even though I was looking for blue-colored dog supplies, I came across this mail/letter holder and had to share it with you. I just think it's fantastic and looks pretty similar to Charley himself!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Board No. 113 - California Cool

I was strolling around Capitol Hill (D.C.) on Sunday with a friend and we happened upon a garage sale getting ready to pack it in for the weekend. Well, I was lucky and found 19 super cool vintage glasses. Well, my favorite happens to be a three-toned (pretty rare) one from Hazel Atlas depicting California. It has been quite a while since I did one of my 50 Nifty posts, honoring each great state, so here's the next installment:

Top row: BART San Francisco Button Set from kingdog; Vintage California Beach Towel from RenaissanceProfessor; Golden Gate Bridge Charm Necklace from CharmStar; Retro 80s California Raisins Tote Bag from bostonbaglady
Second row: California Outline Necklace from boneofart; Candy Color, San Francisco Fine Art Print from RoadsidePhotographs; Going Back to Cali Suitcase from roundtrip; California Souvenir Vintage Handkerchief from corrnucopia
Third row: In the Redwood Forest Fine Art Print from TwoDogGardens; California 3-D Stickers from ExpressionsofFaith
; Sunny Heights Orange Grove Redlands Fruit Crate Label from LABELSTONE; California Necklace from mylavaliere
Bottom row: Vintage California Ashtray from EmilyLynch; Set of San Francisco Patches from atrickey; Seagull Venice Beach Fine Art Print from prettyinthecity; California Milk Bottle, San Francisco from alyssaettinger

Board No. 112 - Pyrex Love

Wandering around town the other day, I ended up near one of my favorite places in D.C.: the Renwick Gallery. It's one of the Smithsonian museums, but because it's not on the Mall, it doesn't get crowded with tourists. It's not very large, and I don't usually like most of the exhibits, but there is one room, the Grand Salon, that has floor to ceiling art on the walls and comfy couches and chairs in the middle, making it a great place to just sit back and think or read a book.

While there, I decided to take a stroll around the rest of the museum, and I found one statue that made me fall in love with Pyrex all over again. Now, if this was made of any other material, I don't think I'd be as intrigued, but you've all seen my avatar, and my store, and if you could only see my cabinets... This statue, appropriately titled "Amphora....Save," must have weighed a ton, and somehow the whole center vase-like section was just being held up by the glass outer shell. It just shows how strong Pyrex is - and it boggled my mind! Well, to honor this statue by Brent Kee Young, I thought I'd do a post of all Pyrex glass!

Top row: Art Deco Carafe from HappyDashery; Small Flameworked Hand Blown Glass Ornament from JennGoodale; Glass Pen Blush Pink and Amber from 101northglass; Green Glass Soup Cereal Bowls from vintageandnew
Second row: Sol Flower Promotional Casserole Dish from RustBeltThreads; Vintage Pyrex Pitcher from WeThinkWeCan; Green Diamond Harlequin Fire King Bowls from ArtZodiac
Third row: Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers from JennyHopscotch; Boro Glass Sea Turtle Pendant from glassaddictbeads
Bottom row: Eco Glass Straws from strawsbycarli; Handmade Glass Beads from liquidphoenixbeads; Glass Wine Bottle Stopper from saylesjodi; Vintage Pyrex Labware from Shabbylull

Board No. 111 - The Non-Working Gal

I know it's been a long while and I am very sorry for that. My life was turned upside down last month when I got laid off and I have made it my full-time job to find a new one. (Anyone have any leads? I'd like to switch careers toward marketing, which is part of the struggle.) Anyway, not to be a downer - because even though this isn't an ideal situation, I've actually stayed really positive through the whole thing - I wanted to put together a board of job-hunting supplies for anyone else in a similar boat, or if you're just looking for a career change.

Top row: Blue Owl To Do List Notepad from boygirlparty; Lilli Ann in Celadon Suit from melsvanity; Mini Wallet Business Card Holder in Cherry Red Wall Flower Fabric from baffinbags
Middle row: Elegance Paris 60s Grass Green Suit from starletvintage; Personalized Cards from colettepaperie; Vintage Green Wool Christian Dior Tailored Suit from SkivvyLuLuVintage
Bottom row: Handturned Wood and Corian Ink Pens from avintageflair; Laptop Case in Cream and Gold Retro Dots from JavaJaneDesigns; Custom Letter Pages With Envelopes (for thank you notes) from PeonyPaperie

If I don't figure out what I want to do in the next month, I think I'll be turning to this Etsy buy.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Board No. 110 - Fall Table

I know it's a little early to start thinking about Thanksgiving, but it's so hard for me since it's one of my ultimate favorite holidays. The nice thing, though, is that all of my favorite holidays are right around now — probably because I just love fall so much: Sukkot, the Jewish autumnal hut celebration, and Columbus Day, the most random holiday that I get an entire week of recess off for!

Top row: Vintage Turkey Salt and Pepper Shakers from honey22; Fall Inspired Napkin Rings from ReeseShop; Fall Leaf Place Card from JenniferAitchison; Antique Leaf Napkin Holders from CherryBerryVintage
Middle row: Handpainted and Woodburned Gourd Bowl With Fall Leaves from natskreations; Autumn's Glow Beaded Wine Glasses from BonzaiBeadwear; Set of 8 - 1960s Smoke Glass Wine Goblets from JollyPollyPickins; Set of 5 Wee Needle Felted Pumpkins from moondogfarm
Bottom row: Oak and Acorn Paper Garland from paperacorn; Town and Country Pattern Orange Pyrex 1 Pint Casserole from kitschkitch; Turkey Salt and Pepper Shakers U Paint Ceramics from moonlitefantasies; Vintage Glasbake Milk Glass Divided Serving Dish from MachoMachismo

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Board No. 109 - The Stork Keeps Landing

I am in the throws of co-planning a baby shower for one of my friends, and I've been immersed in all things baby for a while now, since it seems like everyone around me is popping one (or three!) out. So, I thought I'd go in search of some gifts on Etsy, and maybe even some ideas for the shower.
Top row: Wooden Pinwheels Stacker Toy from prettydreamer; Matilda the Giraffe Baby Tag Toy/Rattle from babybomb; Wash Cloth Cupcakes Girlie Style from babycakesanddecorSecond row: Fish Mobile from PerpetualChildhood; Maya Reversible Pouch Baby Sling from polkadotpapoose; Organic Crochet Teething Rings from locoMOmomma
Third row: Brazilian Cherry Natural Cars from happysquashtoys; Baby Boy Cupcake Hat from NinisHandmades; Organic Nap Mat from SewnNatural
Bottom row: Changing Table Organizer from RockyTopDesign; Polka Dots Cloth Play Blocks from knitstyle;
Reversible Baby Bib from thepatacakebaby

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Board No. 108 - Hort

As I mentioned last week, I have recently signed on to do some consulting work with this amazingly awesome horticulture nonprofit, which I'm very excited about since I love all things gardening. So, because it's really late in the gardening season, I figured I'd feature some of the fantastic indoor plant options being offered on Etsy - many of which come from Etsy PHAT members, a team I just discovered recently and have spent a tad too much time exploring. I am going to do a separate post on bulbs, which should be planted in the ground fairly soon!

Top row: Festive Sushi Bonsai Plant - Seaweed Delights from timtierney; X Victoria - Sweet Airplant from PigeonToeCeramics; Hanging Snail Shell Spider Plant Kit from soulyluna
Middle row: Dwarf Beauty Juniper from bonsaiofnapavalley; Pinwheel Succulent Aeonium Haworthia from SucculentsGalore; Begonia Sophie Cecile from eclecticasia
Bottom row: Haworthia attenuata - Zebra Succulent from TwoDogGardens; Dend Andree Miller Blooming Size Orchid from SapphireChild; Spiral Aloe from Horticopia

Friday, September 11, 2009

Board No. 107 - Vintage Tailgating

I love football season, as I already referred to last weekend during the big OSU game, so it's of no surprise at all that my latest post is inspired by tailgating — one of my favorite pastimes. I do tailgating, however, like I do most other things, with a retro flair. I'll be the one at Rhino Bar in Georgetown (the local Buckeye wateringhole) tomorrow night wearing something along the lines of this!

Top row: 'How to Watch a Football Game' Instructional Book, 1980 from kitschkitch; Vintage 50s Football Shot Glass from oldgrowth; The Tailgate Cookbook from RetroReDesign
Middle row: Aladdin Pump a Drink Thermos from buygollymissmolly; Vintage Norman Rockwell Cheerleader Print from Holcroft; Vintage Book, Best of Football From the Coaching Clinic, 1967 from booksngames
Bottom row: Vintage NFL Valances from Salvation; Football Talk for Beginners from ricracandbuttons; Vintage Plaid Picnic Blanket from paddyridge

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Board No. 106 - Guy Style

One of my new followers hinted to me that I should include more guys' stuff. So, I'm following through, but I have to say this was pretty hard (it's not really my forte and I'm lacking inspiration. I do know that this - helps if the link was actually linked... - isn't the idea I'm going for.) ... Anyway, I went for an all-in-one posting of guy style, including clothing, lifestyle items and home decor. Let me know what you think? Should I include more guy finds in the future?

Dressing in Style
Top row: Wolf T-shirt Black from HandnShadow; Skate Crazy T-Shirt from totalradness; Forest Glen Knit Chucks from PrettySneaky
Middle row: Gearlinks Steampunk Inspired Cufflinks from asecondtime; The Knitted John Tie in Grey Cashmerino Yarn from dollyknits; Yellow Checkers 7/8 Sleeve Crew Shirt from jessalinb
Bottom row: Vintage 40s Biker Boots from greatestfriend; No.5 Yellow Arrow Hoodie from ImagoDRIFT; Blitz Bomber Jacket from reifhaus

Living in Style
Top row: Billie Decorative Wood Candle Holder from jeanpelle; Wooden Shoe Lasts from violetsandgrace; Cow Wrapped Canvas from lovecows
Second row: Old School Chip and Card Poker Holder from buygollymissmolly; Les Paul Coffee Table from TimothyAdamDesigns; Colorful Trio of Apothecary Jars from findingfabulous
Third row: Cedar Meister Yo-Yo from holzfurhaus; Buckeye Burl 28mm Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush from PCwoodcraftandPens; Mustache Salt and Pepper Shaker from paperdollwoodshop
Bottom row: Steel Panel Bed from deliafurniture; Wood Arrows from sweetshorn; Recycled Drinking Glasses From Red Stripe Beer from nickpaul

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Board No. 105 - Falling Leaves

After a quick weekend trip to Ohio — where surpiringly fall has not hit at all — I am noticing that the trees are starting to change color here, a couple hundred miles south. Weird, right? So, I am finally going to do the post that my new Etsy friend and fellow CREST team member, aprilmist, gave me the idea for weeks ago (and she even picked some of my more favorite items). I know Etsy's been showcasing fall items up the wazoo (is that how it's spelled?), but I thought I'd throw my two cents in, so here's my favorite leaf creations:

Top row: The Best of Fall Throw Pillow from allisajacobs; Antique Brass Filigree Leaf Earrings from considerthelillies; Green Oak Leaf Felt Headband from lupin; Pair of Raspberry Espresso Cups from creativeutility
Second row: Gray Messenger Bag With Leaves from sineminugur ; Golden Leaf Necklace from loriyab; Sterling Silver Leaf Earrings With Copper Swarovski Pearls - Autumn Splendor from jayval; Out on a Limb Ginkgo from blockpartypress
Third row: Flora Flat from HydraHeart; Reversible Dress With Leaf Applique from allthenumbers; Harvest Goats Milk Soap from sissysoap; Wild Garden (kaleidoscopic) from yumiyumi
Bottom row: Autumn Hammock Earrings from lennonsleadinglady; Orange Autumn Maple Leaf Felt Earrings from hitree; Ophelia in Pearls Bracelet from wristcandycreations; Two Leaves Necklace from AvenueC

P.S. If you haven't already noticed from previous posts, I'm a bit of a horticulture geek, and, as a bonus, I just found out today that I will be doing some marketing consulting work for the Maryland Home & Garden Information Center. You should check them out, they do some great work spreading the hort love!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Go Bucks!

I'm a huge Ohio State Buckeyes fan, so I plan on doing a post for the Bucks sometime soon. But I just thought I'd throw out there, as a way of honoring the game on today (as I'm writing this, it's 10-7 Ohio State) against the Navy Midshipmen. I have done boards that are along the themes of both of these teams, so here's the versus: Which board wins?


Board No. 104 - Pounce Creativity

I am in the middle of creativity class — yes, you heard me, it's Creativity for Entrepreneurs — and thought I'd use my creativity to search through Etsy's Pounce Undiscovered listings and come up with a fun new board. I was really inspired by a lot of the jewelry I was discovering, so that's the theme here. I have been wanting to get into jewelry making, but I just have run out of time in my life... (Which brings up: Sorry, yet again, for the delay in posts this week, but work really has been crazy!)

Top row: Mother of Pearl and Crystal Necklace from mandymade13; Amharic (Cat. No. 418) from abigailJanowski; Charm Bracelet from fleurdelisjewelry
Second row: Bird Cage Earrings from lyonstudio; X Marks Necklace from dianawagner; Faceted Green Azurite Sterling Silver earrings - Picasso from philosophi
Third row: Agate and Leaf Necklace from ScarlettGray; Falling for You Locket from nicolitalove
Bottom row: Golden Shimmer Earrings from ChicHandmades; Beauty Necklace from bayatinge; Caramel Latte Earrings from theleidy

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Board No. 103 - Tiger-tastic

Ever since I saw this tiger typeface shirt — which I totally love for so many reasons (I'm a designer, so fonts are a silly obsession) and I featured on my back to school in style board — I am seeking out all things tiger. I am totally feeling tigers for a vintage school feel, for the fall colors, for their voracity... I don't know, I just love it right now!

Featured in center: Typer Tiger Shirt from inkfingerSutter
Top row: Large Clutch Purse - Tiger on the Flower by Etsuko Furuya from KimberlyJonesDesigns; 2 Tiger Magnets from papermenagerie; Woodburned Tribal Tiger from BoxesByMary; Tiger Wood Toy from happysquashtoys
Second row: Vintage '80s Big Face Tiger Oversize Sweater from ancestorvintage; A Tiger Called Asaron From Brooklyn from loranscruggs
Third row: Asian Tiger Hand Embroidered Handbag from jessamity; The Tiger Print from badbird
Bottom row: Needle Felted White Tiger from moxiemittens; Majestic Tiger Pendant Necklace from lucindascharms;
Furocious Tiger Pocket Journal from nowvember; Tiger Tee from 1AEON

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Board No. 102 - Pounce

It's been a little while since I've done a Pounce post, which is quite a shame — I think they're my favorite because you don't go in with an expectations and they are such a good representation of your current mood. It's weird. I also love browsing through the Pounce Undiscovered listings because you get to catch up on all of the latest trends. So fun!

Top row: Copper Pick Earrings from dannikellidesigns; Apple Kitchen Canister from beckysterrett; Handmade '80s Rainbow Earrings from msthingsandstuff; Grass Fat Quarter of Fabric from repeat
Middle row: Black True Norway Draw String Shoulder Bag from cparty; Antique Applique Textile from ThreadsOfOld; My Deer Heart Embroidered Cushion from angharadjefferson; 14k Gold-Filled Chain and Swarovski Crystal from Leakat
Bottom row: GothSack - Needled to Death from Pixlkitten; Three Hearts in Sterling from KriksSilver; Starlight Candle from BeautifulFlame; Ruffle Bum Onesie from sewsavie

Monday, August 24, 2009

Board No. 101 - Back to School: In Style

I was glancing through some of Etsy's back to school "gift guides" and I have to say not that many of them said "school" to me. The "scholastic style" one, seriously, I didn't see scholastic in it at all (like this one?). I mean, there was a couple notable exceptions, but overall, these clothes might be appropriate for college-age students, but even then, most of them wear jeans and Ts to class. Here are some more-likely picks for college-bound wares (and I even included some unisex items!) — and for as much as I was feeling color in my supplies, I'm feel neutrals in clothes for the fall, I don't know why. Most of these items were found searching "jersey" in the clothing category since the fabric is the ultimate lazy-man's wardrobe necessity — it doesn't need to be ironed, it's easy to wash, and it's good to cuddle up in all day — it's great for the wear and tear of long college days:

Top row: Team Spirit Dress from Parsimony; Snow Typger Shirt from inkfingerSutter; Organic Cotton Mini Riva Dress from consciousclothing
Middle row: Turnaround Top from SHIHAR; Shawl Collar Wrap Sweatshirt from Lirola ;
Listen up School Girls Long Sleeve Cardigan from IkvothaMashiach70
Bottom row: Boobs - Fitted T-Shirt from jboston;
The Hipshack in Camouflage from maytreeark;Blah Women's Dress from tshirtproject

Board No. 100 - Back to School: Get Supplied

I can't believe this is my 100th board! Maybe it says something that it's a back to school board when school is just over-running my life right now?!? Anyway, I am craving color right now, I can't tell you why. But I went with a fun and quite-bright green and pink theme for this school supplies board. Enjoy.

Top row: Leaf Print Pencil Case from TheTinyFig; Take Note - Lined Leather Wallet from luxfordst; Embroidered Mix Tape Pocket Journal from nowvember
Middle row: 2 Reusable Mini Eco Snack Sandwich Bags from evelynfields; Lego Brick USB Drive from 123smile;
Vintage Green Thermos - Fork and Spoon Design from babybomb
Bottom row: Journal / Sketchbook 37 from dailythreads (voted by Etsians to have the best notebook); Yuzen-Covered Mechanical Pencil Set from papermoonbookbinding; Black Zipper Recycled Clutch from patkas

Post No. 99 - Back to School: It's in the Bag

I already did my back to school board way back in June, kind of as a joke, since I am in grad school and don't get a summer vacation. I thought I'd revisit the topic since it was a fun board and it's the topic on everyone's mind right now with just two weeks to go for most kids (me included) to start back up for the fall. Truthfully, I did most of these next three boards and had them ready to post last Monday, but life has gotten away from me. Sorry!

My new Etsy friend and fellow CREST team member, aprilmist, suggested a back to school bag board. She says: "Getting organized for back to school (or, erh, full time round year grad school - I feel your pain ;) is so dependent upon a great bag, whether it's a laptop bag, book bag, or my own favorite 'big mama' bag, (which hosts my lunch, shoes, water bottle, and book among other necessities)." I couldn't agree more, and so here's the first of my school-themed boards, including a couple of aprilmist's picks:

Top row: Amelia Black Gray White Laptop Sleeve/Bag from janinekingdesigns; Backpack in Pink and Brown from mehran; Coimex Organic Coffee Sling Bag from thewren
Second row: Red and White Retro Messenger/Laptop Bag from mariforssell; Ayu in Maroon With Adjustable Strap from mories; Lili Blue Satchel from WoolyBison
Bottom row: The Letter Bag from moop; Gretel Leather Tote Bag in Guava Pink from renneslechateau; Z Bag (everybody's loving the red bag, but this is totally unisex!) from ZolaJones

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Board No. 98 - Project Etsy

Along with I'm assuming every other "Project Runway" fan out there, I'm skeptical of tonight's debut on Lifetime, but excited nonetheless. I thought as a tribute to the show, I would feature one of the contestants and longtime Etsy seller, louiseblack (see portfolio at right, click on it...), as well as some other awesome avant garde Etsy designers (who aren't associated with the show, but maybe they should be?!?). We all know that our beloved leanimal won last year, so maybe Etsy will make another No. 1 showing this year?

Featured in center is louiseblack's Ring Master Jacket, which she made to tryout for "Project Runway."
Top row: Puffy Plum Taffeta Skirt from couvert; Off Kilter Wool Jacket from artlab; Double T-Shirt Dress from takeoffyourclothes; Square Root Tunic from neneee
Second row: Sweet Like Sugar Lollipop Skirt from devaniweaver; Lily - Soft Pleated Black Leather Couture Wrap from attiladesign
Third row: Turtle Dress from LedThread; Geometric Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan from BabooshkaBoutique
Bottom row: 2.pac from joodito; Sexy Mini Evening Floral Dress from pavlinadadakova; Gray Tunic Dress With Abstract Applique from bunnymassacre; Purple Needlecord Mini Cocktail Dress from makemeadress

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Board No. 97 - Personalization

Sometimes it's just hard to know what to get for someone (especially someone who seemingly has it all already) and you just don't want to go the impersonal gift card route. Well, here are some extremely personal (no, not in that way!) ideas that I think most gals would dig — featuring in the center Etsy Bloggers Street Team Shop of the Month, memoriesforlifesb:

Featured in center: Custom Name or Word Album-Up to 6 Letters from memoriesforlifesb (I chose this one in particular because I actually have a friend who named her son Zander and I had never heard that before, but I guess there's another one out there!)
Top row: Personalized Monogram Initials Pink and Green Lunch Box from myduckduckgoose; Sterling Ingot Initial Ring from brightsmith
Middle row: Hannah Flat Note Cards from PeonyPaperie; Schoolhouse Alphabet - Child's Birth Keepsake Print from prettymod
Bottom row: Initial Necklace in 14 Karat Solid Gold from reddestradish; Custom Photo Charm Necklace from MamaBethBling; Alphabet Pillow Custom from hilarycosgrove; Sweet Lavender and Leaf from onelifejewelry

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Board No. 96 - Fall on the Horizon

Yesterday's post mentioned that we're finally hitting the "dog days" that D.C.'s known for, but that just makes me look forward to the fall, which happens to be my favorite season. And since Etsians are on top of things, tons of sellers are starting to stock their shops with autumn essentials. I just love the colors I'm starting to see all over the site's pages. Here are some early fall finds:

Top row: Vintage Wine Wrap from bananasaurusrex; Lovely Leaves Cross Stitch Wall Hanging from CakeEaters; Madras Plaid Gourd or Pumpkin from SeaPinks
Middle row: Selma Ring with Mustard Green Chrysanthemum from Peaches4me; Amber Romance Antiqued Brass and Pearl Earrings from pearlandpebble; Folk Bird Tree Tote from dutchdoor
Bottom row: Sweet Leaves - Mixed Harvest Fabric Leaves from janejoss; Pair of Vintage Ginger Jar Lamps from TheRelicTrail; Crochet Bubble Beret in Rust from softspoken

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Board No. 95 - Hot Hot Heat

We're finally feeling summer round these parts. Washington, D.C. — built upon a swamp — is usually 90+ degrees with the same percentage of humidity from, oh, about June to October. But this summer has been so amazingly nice — until this week! And now, it's gross out ... Well, to battle the summer heat, find a cool vintage fan, a skimpy little dress and a refreshing beverage. That sure sounds like it would make it all better!

Top row: Set of 3 Splatter Paint-esque Glass Tumblers from kitschkitch; Farrah Fawcett Mint Condition High Waisted Shorts from VirginiaWho; 1970s Hot Pink Romper from jessjamesjake
Middle row: Vintage Inspired Scrunchkini Swimsuit from ladramaqueen; Electrohome Seafoam Green Fan from Hindsvik; Glamor Hippie Summer Maxi Sun Dress from monkeysnmermaids
Bottom row: Colored Glass Drinking Straw from ecoglassstraws; Vintage Folding Oak Beach Deck Dock Chair from AusableRiverTrader; Big Floppy Brimmed Straw Hat With Feather Trim from himalayanmusk