Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Board No. 103 - Tiger-tastic

Ever since I saw this tiger typeface shirt — which I totally love for so many reasons (I'm a designer, so fonts are a silly obsession) and I featured on my back to school in style board — I am seeking out all things tiger. I am totally feeling tigers for a vintage school feel, for the fall colors, for their voracity... I don't know, I just love it right now!

Featured in center: Typer Tiger Shirt from inkfingerSutter
Top row: Large Clutch Purse - Tiger on the Flower by Etsuko Furuya from KimberlyJonesDesigns; 2 Tiger Magnets from papermenagerie; Woodburned Tribal Tiger from BoxesByMary; Tiger Wood Toy from happysquashtoys
Second row: Vintage '80s Big Face Tiger Oversize Sweater from ancestorvintage; A Tiger Called Asaron From Brooklyn from loranscruggs
Third row: Asian Tiger Hand Embroidered Handbag from jessamity; The Tiger Print from badbird
Bottom row: Needle Felted White Tiger from moxiemittens; Majestic Tiger Pendant Necklace from lucindascharms;
Furocious Tiger Pocket Journal from nowvember; Tiger Tee from 1AEON

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Board No. 102 - Pounce

It's been a little while since I've done a Pounce post, which is quite a shame — I think they're my favorite because you don't go in with an expectations and they are such a good representation of your current mood. It's weird. I also love browsing through the Pounce Undiscovered listings because you get to catch up on all of the latest trends. So fun!

Top row: Copper Pick Earrings from dannikellidesigns; Apple Kitchen Canister from beckysterrett; Handmade '80s Rainbow Earrings from msthingsandstuff; Grass Fat Quarter of Fabric from repeat
Middle row: Black True Norway Draw String Shoulder Bag from cparty; Antique Applique Textile from ThreadsOfOld; My Deer Heart Embroidered Cushion from angharadjefferson; 14k Gold-Filled Chain and Swarovski Crystal from Leakat
Bottom row: GothSack - Needled to Death from Pixlkitten; Three Hearts in Sterling from KriksSilver; Starlight Candle from BeautifulFlame; Ruffle Bum Onesie from sewsavie

Monday, August 24, 2009

Board No. 101 - Back to School: In Style

I was glancing through some of Etsy's back to school "gift guides" and I have to say not that many of them said "school" to me. The "scholastic style" one, seriously, I didn't see scholastic in it at all (like this one?). I mean, there was a couple notable exceptions, but overall, these clothes might be appropriate for college-age students, but even then, most of them wear jeans and Ts to class. Here are some more-likely picks for college-bound wares (and I even included some unisex items!) — and for as much as I was feeling color in my supplies, I'm feel neutrals in clothes for the fall, I don't know why. Most of these items were found searching "jersey" in the clothing category since the fabric is the ultimate lazy-man's wardrobe necessity — it doesn't need to be ironed, it's easy to wash, and it's good to cuddle up in all day — it's great for the wear and tear of long college days:

Top row: Team Spirit Dress from Parsimony; Snow Typger Shirt from inkfingerSutter; Organic Cotton Mini Riva Dress from consciousclothing
Middle row: Turnaround Top from SHIHAR; Shawl Collar Wrap Sweatshirt from Lirola ;
Listen up School Girls Long Sleeve Cardigan from IkvothaMashiach70
Bottom row: Boobs - Fitted T-Shirt from jboston;
The Hipshack in Camouflage from maytreeark;Blah Women's Dress from tshirtproject

Board No. 100 - Back to School: Get Supplied

I can't believe this is my 100th board! Maybe it says something that it's a back to school board when school is just over-running my life right now?!? Anyway, I am craving color right now, I can't tell you why. But I went with a fun and quite-bright green and pink theme for this school supplies board. Enjoy.

Top row: Leaf Print Pencil Case from TheTinyFig; Take Note - Lined Leather Wallet from luxfordst; Embroidered Mix Tape Pocket Journal from nowvember
Middle row: 2 Reusable Mini Eco Snack Sandwich Bags from evelynfields; Lego Brick USB Drive from 123smile;
Vintage Green Thermos - Fork and Spoon Design from babybomb
Bottom row: Journal / Sketchbook 37 from dailythreads (voted by Etsians to have the best notebook); Yuzen-Covered Mechanical Pencil Set from papermoonbookbinding; Black Zipper Recycled Clutch from patkas

Post No. 99 - Back to School: It's in the Bag

I already did my back to school board way back in June, kind of as a joke, since I am in grad school and don't get a summer vacation. I thought I'd revisit the topic since it was a fun board and it's the topic on everyone's mind right now with just two weeks to go for most kids (me included) to start back up for the fall. Truthfully, I did most of these next three boards and had them ready to post last Monday, but life has gotten away from me. Sorry!

My new Etsy friend and fellow CREST team member, aprilmist, suggested a back to school bag board. She says: "Getting organized for back to school (or, erh, full time round year grad school - I feel your pain ;) is so dependent upon a great bag, whether it's a laptop bag, book bag, or my own favorite 'big mama' bag, (which hosts my lunch, shoes, water bottle, and book among other necessities)." I couldn't agree more, and so here's the first of my school-themed boards, including a couple of aprilmist's picks:

Top row: Amelia Black Gray White Laptop Sleeve/Bag from janinekingdesigns; Backpack in Pink and Brown from mehran; Coimex Organic Coffee Sling Bag from thewren
Second row: Red and White Retro Messenger/Laptop Bag from mariforssell; Ayu in Maroon With Adjustable Strap from mories; Lili Blue Satchel from WoolyBison
Bottom row: The Letter Bag from moop; Gretel Leather Tote Bag in Guava Pink from renneslechateau; Z Bag (everybody's loving the red bag, but this is totally unisex!) from ZolaJones

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Board No. 98 - Project Etsy

Along with I'm assuming every other "Project Runway" fan out there, I'm skeptical of tonight's debut on Lifetime, but excited nonetheless. I thought as a tribute to the show, I would feature one of the contestants and longtime Etsy seller, louiseblack (see portfolio at right, click on it...), as well as some other awesome avant garde Etsy designers (who aren't associated with the show, but maybe they should be?!?). We all know that our beloved leanimal won last year, so maybe Etsy will make another No. 1 showing this year?

Featured in center is louiseblack's Ring Master Jacket, which she made to tryout for "Project Runway."
Top row: Puffy Plum Taffeta Skirt from couvert; Off Kilter Wool Jacket from artlab; Double T-Shirt Dress from takeoffyourclothes; Square Root Tunic from neneee
Second row: Sweet Like Sugar Lollipop Skirt from devaniweaver; Lily - Soft Pleated Black Leather Couture Wrap from attiladesign
Third row: Turtle Dress from LedThread; Geometric Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan from BabooshkaBoutique
Bottom row: 2.pac from joodito; Sexy Mini Evening Floral Dress from pavlinadadakova; Gray Tunic Dress With Abstract Applique from bunnymassacre; Purple Needlecord Mini Cocktail Dress from makemeadress

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Board No. 97 - Personalization

Sometimes it's just hard to know what to get for someone (especially someone who seemingly has it all already) and you just don't want to go the impersonal gift card route. Well, here are some extremely personal (no, not in that way!) ideas that I think most gals would dig — featuring in the center Etsy Bloggers Street Team Shop of the Month, memoriesforlifesb:

Featured in center: Custom Name or Word Album-Up to 6 Letters from memoriesforlifesb (I chose this one in particular because I actually have a friend who named her son Zander and I had never heard that before, but I guess there's another one out there!)
Top row: Personalized Monogram Initials Pink and Green Lunch Box from myduckduckgoose; Sterling Ingot Initial Ring from brightsmith
Middle row: Hannah Flat Note Cards from PeonyPaperie; Schoolhouse Alphabet - Child's Birth Keepsake Print from prettymod
Bottom row: Initial Necklace in 14 Karat Solid Gold from reddestradish; Custom Photo Charm Necklace from MamaBethBling; Alphabet Pillow Custom from hilarycosgrove; Sweet Lavender and Leaf from onelifejewelry

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Board No. 96 - Fall on the Horizon

Yesterday's post mentioned that we're finally hitting the "dog days" that D.C.'s known for, but that just makes me look forward to the fall, which happens to be my favorite season. And since Etsians are on top of things, tons of sellers are starting to stock their shops with autumn essentials. I just love the colors I'm starting to see all over the site's pages. Here are some early fall finds:

Top row: Vintage Wine Wrap from bananasaurusrex; Lovely Leaves Cross Stitch Wall Hanging from CakeEaters; Madras Plaid Gourd or Pumpkin from SeaPinks
Middle row: Selma Ring with Mustard Green Chrysanthemum from Peaches4me; Amber Romance Antiqued Brass and Pearl Earrings from pearlandpebble; Folk Bird Tree Tote from dutchdoor
Bottom row: Sweet Leaves - Mixed Harvest Fabric Leaves from janejoss; Pair of Vintage Ginger Jar Lamps from TheRelicTrail; Crochet Bubble Beret in Rust from softspoken

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Board No. 95 - Hot Hot Heat

We're finally feeling summer round these parts. Washington, D.C. — built upon a swamp — is usually 90+ degrees with the same percentage of humidity from, oh, about June to October. But this summer has been so amazingly nice — until this week! And now, it's gross out ... Well, to battle the summer heat, find a cool vintage fan, a skimpy little dress and a refreshing beverage. That sure sounds like it would make it all better!

Top row: Set of 3 Splatter Paint-esque Glass Tumblers from kitschkitch; Farrah Fawcett Mint Condition High Waisted Shorts from VirginiaWho; 1970s Hot Pink Romper from jessjamesjake
Middle row: Vintage Inspired Scrunchkini Swimsuit from ladramaqueen; Electrohome Seafoam Green Fan from Hindsvik; Glamor Hippie Summer Maxi Sun Dress from monkeysnmermaids
Bottom row: Colored Glass Drinking Straw from ecoglassstraws; Vintage Folding Oak Beach Deck Dock Chair from AusableRiverTrader; Big Floppy Brimmed Straw Hat With Feather Trim from himalayanmusk

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Board No. 94 - Crack Snap Shot

I just got a new camera for my birthday (thanks Dave!) and it takes some pretty awesome photos, which I'm pretty excited about for my store listings. The last item I listed was photographed with my old camera and I was almost hesitant to post it because the photos were shaky (though the bowls were cute). For those Etsy sellers who want some photographic advice, The Storque has written many posts about it. (UPDATE: Ha! Right after I posted this, I checked my e-mail to see that Etsy' success tip today was about photography, too. We all just think alike...) So, I have been randomly searching through Etsy noticing some of the most amazing photography — and all for item listings, not for photo prints, though I would think about buying some of them...

These mustache glasses by BreadandBadger I'm featuring because the photographs showcase the product perfectly: in use in a funny way (the girl); the glasses full, so that the design can be better seem; and the product being made. Great example of how to sell a product through photography!

I love when a fashion piece (or, really, any item that can be used in different ways) is modeled or displayed in numerous styles so that you can visualize various ways to wear it. This convertible scarf by fray is a great example because if it was just laying folded on a table, you'd see the pretty colors but not realize the utility and function of the buttons in creating different looks.

Here some other exemplary examples*:

Corelle Open Handle Cups from Troop2Libb
It's just a little funny without being silly and the dog makes the shot without distracting from the object itself. And by the seller using the dog in most of the store's product shots, it gives it consistency and branding; the dog automatically becomes recognizable to the store and is the mascot of sorts!

Lovely Little Chocolate Diamond Ring from BloomStudios
I just think the background here adds so much to the photo. By it being the same color family but being out of focus, it draws out the best qualities of what is in focus. Too many sellers have busy backgrounds that distract from the product image, especially when it's in small preview/list mode.

Vintage Martinez Valero Leather Modern High Heels from yesterdaysnew
I featured these shoes on a previous board and every time I see them they catch my eye. Now, I don't usually recommend playing around with a photo too much because it can take away from the sincerity of the product, but in this case it showcases it very nicely — plus, it makes it look like it came out of a magazine.

Personalized Giant Fleece Ball from handmadepretties
For this one and the next one, it's all about showing relative size. You can give the dimensions of a product, but what does 52" mean when you are picturing something in your mind. By putting an object that is either a common size (like a penny) or the intended user (like a baby) in the same frame, your eye can see relative size of the object. Plus, babies are really cute!

Monogrammed Organic Baby Blanket from organicblankees

* I didn't include bead photos even though there are some awesome micro shots, but there's just too many sellers who do a good job in this category. Also, I didn't make this into a "board" because it would have cutoff some of the photo composition, compromising some of the integrity of the shot and making it harder to prove my point - but do keep in mind that Etsy automatically crops everything into those horrid little squares and you want to make sure that the focus of your photo is your product.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Board No. 93 - Around the 4:20 Time Frame

I was in training all day for work, and got out around 4:15 (15 minutes late, I may add!), so I rushed over to my computer to see what was new on Etsy - what I had missed that day and if there were any new trends in the 8 hours I had been away. I'm not obsessed at all ...

So, you may ask, what's the big trend I noticed: I'm seeing a lot more fall items starting to pop up, which I actually love since it's my favorite season! Check out this fantastic fabric pumpkin that I am going to save and feature in another board. Also, I noticed a lot more mid-century pieces of decor and more '40s and '50s style clothing. Is this a big lead-up to the "Mad Men" premiere? Maybe I'll do another feature on that trend, too!

Anyway, here are some of my favorite items posted around 4:20 or so.

Top row: Lemon Drops Necklace from TheBlueDress; Art Deco Beauty from matouenpeluche; Vintage Wedge Open Toe Shoes from starletvintage
Second row: Two 8-Inch Strands of Matching Czech Glass Beads from theroyalbeadtreasure; Poppy Personalized Stationary from carielowry; Custom-Designed Clutch from mollusa
Third row: Steampunk Vintage Bulova Bowtie Necklace from edmdesigns; Discotheque Earrings from WeeSparrow;
Three 1940s Outlet Switchplates from littlebyrdvintage
Bottom row: 4-Ever Personalized Art from SilhouetteBlue; In the Birdcage Flower Fascinator from liaison;
60s Mid Century Modern Stacked Chrome Ball Lamps from fabulousmess

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sorry that I haven't posted for a couple days and I won't be able to post this weekend, but I've been super busy between legislators finally wrapping up for recess, planning for my party, getting all new design software (yay!) and computers (laptops, actually, weird) at work, dealing with real estate drama and having major homework to do for a class I'll never use, operations management. I promise I'll be here posting daily next week for loads of inspiration!

In the meantime, if you are in the need of a fun vintage cookbook, I have many of them on sale this weekend in my store! All cookbooks are $1 and there's even a discount on shipping!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Board No. 92 - My Very Own Office

My man and I are starting to look at homes in the hope of buying soon and I'd like to find one we can afford that has three bedrooms, making it so that he and I can have our own offices. One of the places we've looked at, which I happen to love, has just this and one of the reasons I love it is that the room that would be my office (and guest room because it's the larger of the spare rooms) is fantastic. It has a sky light and is pentagonal, which is unique and fun. I've already got the entire room decorated in my mind: it would be in aqua and red since I already have a couple art pieces that mean a lot to me in this palette, and I've always been drawn to it; it would have a comfy couch that pulls out to be the guest bed, thus loads of fun pillows; some of the colorful photos of my Kitch inventory used as artwork along with the others that mean a lot to me; a big wood desk with room for my laptop and my sewing machine. I just want this fantastic creative outlet that I can retreat to and relax — something that's just my own and reflects who I am. Anyway, I've been looking at home furnishings a lot lately because of this potential move, so here are some of my Etsy picks for my soon-to-be (fingers crossed) office:

Top row: Circles Glass Mobile from LeahPellegrini; Cross Stitch Pattern for Vintage Phones from tinymodernist; Red Stapler Cross Stitch Pattern from Nrapture; Old Bright World Globe from postroadvintage
Second row: Vintage Liberty Steel Teal Metal Tackle Box from lisabretrostyle2; Divided Wooden Crate from ModishVintage; Vintage Electric Fan from simplyobjekts; Teala Phone from johnnyvintage
Third row: Vintage Guillotine Paper Cutter from ModishVintage;
1902 Rare Historical Map of Maryland, Delaware, and District of Columbia from bananastrudel; Custom Lovers Portrait from phunklab; State of Affairs Custom Pillow from diffractionfiber
Bottom row: Sweet Leona Pillow from norajane; Handwoven Cotton Looper Rug from sallyrae1; Swingline Staplers from TopsyDesign; Oh So Pink Gooseneck Desk Lamp from happydayvintage

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Board No. 91 - Bare Essentials

I read in a magazine about a year ago that necklaces we out. Ladies on the red carpet were opting for a bare neck to emphasize the elaborate necklines popping up a lot in fashion. Well, if that was a year ago, I'd like to say that the new trend continues that idea, but adds just a little something. I love all of the "minimalist" jewelry designs I'm seeing everywhere lately — if that's even what they are called. Well, what I am seeing with this is that metals are being used to create a shape, a letter, something simple, and isn't all fussied up with beads and buttons and whatnot. (Many of these sellers I found while searching through the pounce undiscovered section, so they're in search of their first sale!)

Top row: Wearing My Heart on a Chain from visionquest; Circles Necklace from KatieFlack; Forget Me Knot Bow Necklace from WhiteFly
Middle row: Lotus Flower in Bloom Necklace from MeadowbelleMarket; Diamond Bracelet from yocoolgina; Copper Hoop Earrings from noracatherine
Bottom row: Initial Necklace in 14 Karat Solid Gold from reddestradish; Bronze Hearts Necklace from bluetree82;
Blue Opal Eternity from RoseyJewels