Thursday, August 20, 2009

Board No. 98 - Project Etsy

Along with I'm assuming every other "Project Runway" fan out there, I'm skeptical of tonight's debut on Lifetime, but excited nonetheless. I thought as a tribute to the show, I would feature one of the contestants and longtime Etsy seller, louiseblack (see portfolio at right, click on it...), as well as some other awesome avant garde Etsy designers (who aren't associated with the show, but maybe they should be?!?). We all know that our beloved leanimal won last year, so maybe Etsy will make another No. 1 showing this year?

Featured in center is louiseblack's Ring Master Jacket, which she made to tryout for "Project Runway."
Top row: Puffy Plum Taffeta Skirt from couvert; Off Kilter Wool Jacket from artlab; Double T-Shirt Dress from takeoffyourclothes; Square Root Tunic from neneee
Second row: Sweet Like Sugar Lollipop Skirt from devaniweaver; Lily - Soft Pleated Black Leather Couture Wrap from attiladesign
Third row: Turtle Dress from LedThread; Geometric Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan from BabooshkaBoutique
Bottom row: 2.pac from joodito; Sexy Mini Evening Floral Dress from pavlinadadakova; Gray Tunic Dress With Abstract Applique from bunnymassacre; Purple Needlecord Mini Cocktail Dress from makemeadress

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