Sunday, August 2, 2009

Board No. 91 - Bare Essentials

I read in a magazine about a year ago that necklaces we out. Ladies on the red carpet were opting for a bare neck to emphasize the elaborate necklines popping up a lot in fashion. Well, if that was a year ago, I'd like to say that the new trend continues that idea, but adds just a little something. I love all of the "minimalist" jewelry designs I'm seeing everywhere lately — if that's even what they are called. Well, what I am seeing with this is that metals are being used to create a shape, a letter, something simple, and isn't all fussied up with beads and buttons and whatnot. (Many of these sellers I found while searching through the pounce undiscovered section, so they're in search of their first sale!)

Top row: Wearing My Heart on a Chain from visionquest; Circles Necklace from KatieFlack; Forget Me Knot Bow Necklace from WhiteFly
Middle row: Lotus Flower in Bloom Necklace from MeadowbelleMarket; Diamond Bracelet from yocoolgina; Copper Hoop Earrings from noracatherine
Bottom row: Initial Necklace in 14 Karat Solid Gold from reddestradish; Bronze Hearts Necklace from bluetree82;
Blue Opal Eternity from RoseyJewels

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