Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Board No. 131 - Hanukkah's Almost Here!

I just realized that Hanukkah is super early this year! Thankfully it is right days so I still have time to do my shopping and mail cards/presents before it looks "late." Here's some festive Hanukkah items if you haven't bought them yet because, like me, you didn't look at a calendar.

Top row: Hanukkah Menorah Judaic Candleholder from celestewelch; Mod Menorah Happy Hanukkah Cards from manvsgeorge; Happy whatever you celebrate Print from guydeckerstudio
Middle row: Dreidel Girl Hanukkah Cards from ReuseFirst; Il Veliero Green Candelabrum from StilNovoDesign; Hanukkah Garland Felt Dreidels and Stars of David from hilarysarobot
Bottom row: So Much Funakka Hanukkah Card from MerciBlehBleh; Hanukkah Festival Of Lights Printable Cupcake Topper and Wrapper Set from PaperScissorsCake; Hannukah Menorah from EchoLine

Board No. 130 - Hanukkah Wish List

Since my family does a Secret Santa gift exchange (I know, I said Hanukkah above but we're a mixed family) and we're supposed to stay around $35, I am doing this for whoever my Secret Santa is (or for my mom to forward along...) with all the things I am loving right now on Etsy for under $35:

Top row: Funky Vintage White Blue Stripes Dress from lunlalunla; Beach Glass Pottery Necklace from BeachGlassGems; Pair of Decorative Toss Pillow Covers from FestiveHomeDecor; Elephant Dream Print from ybryksenkova
Middle row: Hand Painted Noodle Bowl from yevgenia; World Map Linocut Print from thebigharumph; Elephant on Sterling Silver from buysomelove; Recycled Sea Glass Necklace from ReneeLoughlin

Bottom row: Antique Brass Camera Pendant Necklace from morikaty; Orbit Necklace from DrCraze; OHIO, The Heart of It All Print from LilBurritos; Wood Grain Hand Painted Doormat from damngooddoormats

It's funny that my first several picks for this post were necklaces since I wear the same necklace almost every day. Maybe my subconscious is telling me that I need to replace it since it's missing a couple stones - and these are all nice, suitable alternatives for daily wear. Also, it seems I am feeling a little adventurous and wild with all the lovely animal prints!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Board No. 129 - Cyber Monday Holiday Edition

Here are some great holiday decor and clothing finds for sale this Cyber Monday. Have fun and go shopping!

Top row: Peppermint Candy Silkscreened Holiday Pillow from sewluckygirl; Blown Glass Ornaments from wolfartglass; Vintage Gnome Porcelain Bell from TidBitz
Middle row: Santa Hello Kitty Christmas Hat from PrettyKiddy; Frankincense Vegan Body Soap from daisycakessoap;
Pixie Stocking Cap from BrairRoseCraftyThing
Bottom row: Moose Heart Bird Infant Bodysuit from thebirdandelephant; Berry Peacock Eye Peep Toe Pleated Pumps from LaPlumeEthere; Jolly Christmas Decoupaged Ornaments from retropage

Board No. 128 - Cyber Monday Jewels

Cyber Monday continues with jewelry Etsy finds that are on sale today. Buy them while you can for you or yours.

Top row: Crystal Rain Estate Style Earrings from ParisienneGirl; Three Sisters Ring Jewel from MayasCreation; Antique Baby Fawn Necklace from missmercy
Middle row: Tree and Rose Necklace from buysomelove; SOS Spyglass Necklace from soradesigns; Golden Locket Charm Bracelet from Aglimpseofreality
Bottom row: Bee Necklace from EclecticBijoux; Shiny Love Birds Earwires from CuteJewels; Gold Plated Mod Squares Necklace from mycellardoor

Board No. 127 - Cyber Monday Sales

Support Etsians in your holidays shopping (for you AND for others) with Cyber Monday buys - including those having sales today such as these. More to come in subsequent posts!

Top row: Auvenier XL Bag from iragranteco; Faded Blue Plaid Pencil Skirt Dress from VonlenskaVintage; Puppy Love Plus Stuffed Animal from LayneDesign
Middle row: Morpho Didius Giant Blue from REALBUTTERFLYGIFTS; Knitting Pattern Sale
from NeekaKnits; Vinyl Wall Sticker Decals - Owls, Birds, Butterflies Branch Set from wallartdesign
Bottom row: Cotton Wang Chung Two Tone Infinity Scarf from boubo; Chocolate Brown Fretwork Pillow from studiodesignlab; 2011 Desk Calendar from modernarteveryday

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Board No. 126 - MICA Art Market

My favorite times in the annual school cycle at MICA is when the students sell their art -- because it's fun, innovative and, best of all, cheap! One of those times is coming up soon, an annual holiday sale called Art Market. (Information here.) Anyway, if you aren't fortunate enough to be in the Baltimore area Dec. 8-11 to come to the event, here are some of the items from students/alumni available on Etsy.
Top row: Ziegfeld Girl Print from ybryksenkova; Henrieta and Ida Hand-Embroidered Doll from hilleryrebe; Radial Pillow from smalltalkstudio; Paon Necklace from PlumeInFlight
Second row: Handmade Cake Necklace from SimplyAesthetics; Delightful Foxes Card Set from smalltalkstudio; Avenir Font Soap from Soletta
Third row: Eco Felt Block Print Pin from greenstarstudio; Hot Air Balloon (and others) Birch Necklace from sonho; Thank You Woodcut Card from bowerbox; Agripinna Silhouette Necklace from Notoire

Bottom row: Coffee Cozy Wool Felt with Long Nose from greenstarstudio; Gold Key Under Mat Hand-Painted Doormat from damngooddoormats; Graphic Pillow Picto Cube from sonya1358

Here is a cell phone picture of some amazing pillows Alyssa Nassner (aka smalltalkstudio) made last year, the fabric she designed is amazing!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Board No. 125 - A Formal Thanksgiving

There's nothing more I love than hosting people for dinner or cocktails, which is probably why I love creating concepts for dinner tables. This year I am cooking for my family at my mom's house and will be limited on decor options, so this may just be my fantasy. If you like something, buy quick, though, because Thanksgiving is only a week and a half away! (Click here to see my board from last year.)
Top row: Vintage 1960s Shenango Dinerware Gravy Boat from Luncheonettevintage; Silver Plated Flower Basket from simplyobjekts; Thankful Towel from mrspurvis
Second row: Red-Birds Buttons from PipingHotPapers; Midcentury Glasses from shipshapevintage; The Original Tres Chic Silver Menu/Memo Board from HerMajestysPug
Third row: Autumn Dogwood Inspired Bunting Banner from FabricorFiction; Autumn Dried Seed Pod and Cone Wreath from BeacheryDesigns; Vintage 1960s Modern Gravy Boat from Luncheonettevintage
Bottom row: Autumn Leaves Appetizer Plates from marywibis; Decorative Balls - Delicious Woodland Citrus from GreenRoseDesigns; Beeswax Acorn Cap Floating Candles from greenbaboondesigns

And as a final thought, I wanted to share this post-Thanksgiving treasure:

This Vintage Leftovers Ball Jar with Lid is from DoNotDestroy, but there are others available with this search.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Board No. 124 - Cleaning Up the Beach

My friend Julia is stopping through town today on her way to "wintering" in South Carolina - and this post is dedicated to her, I can't wait to see her. She was inspired a couple months ago while walking along the beach in Montauk, N.Y., and has started a blog about what one person can do easily in their day-to-day life to make the world a better place. Check it out here - the photography she takes is worth a view in itself.

Anyway, here are some beautiful pieces all made from upcycled trash.

Top row: Large Wine Cork Serving Tray from 4EyesAndEars; Design Lamp Made of Household Trash from PouBelleDesign; Plastic Bottle Flower Necklace from RadicalRecycks
Middle row: Recycled Pepsi Bow Headband from RootsofBayer; Upcycled Statement BroochRecycled Vinyl Billboard Shoulder Tote from seen1
Bottom row: Sea Glass Cobalt Blue Necklace from aquablueseaglass; Bike Tube Ruffle Bag from ReclaimedWreckage; Sea Star for Your Hair from dreamsbythesea from jillmccp

Friday, November 5, 2010

Board No. 123 - Back to Work

It's been forever since I have worked on this blog, and have likely lost most of my followers, but I really felt I was spread too thin with a new job, school and life to do it for the past year. Well, the job is no longer new and I am a month away from graduating -- and all I can think about lately is how much I miss cruising around Etsy! I've gotten glimpses here and there since a lot of MICA students are on the site and the College is partnering with Etsy for our newest degree program - an MPS in The Business of Art and Design, written about here on Storque - but I missed it and this blog.

Anyway, enough said. Here is a roundup of items posted on Etsy around 3:30 - when I had a few minutes of free time at work - as a way of reintroducing me and my tastes to the blog world. These are eclectic choices but really reflect me and my style. I will start doing themed boards again (hopefully quite regularly), and it will be interesting to see how my tastes have changed in the past year.

Top row: Horse of a Different Color Notecards from tamaragarvey; Jolly Asymmetric Necklace With Charms from StudioRona; Modern Sterling Silver Oval Ring from LuttrellStudio; Hummingbird Limited Edition Watercolor Print from MaiAutumn
Middle row: Metal Crystal Stud Camera Pendant Necklace from Mattieleas; White Pearl and Turquoise Earrings from Mixstone09; Retro Moustache Tote Bag from PaisleyMagic; Hand Sculpted Nuzzling Love Birds Cake Topper from CountrySquirrelsRUS
Bottom row: Hand Knit Cable Beret Hat from pixiebell; P Is for Planet Print from FinnyAndZook; Cheetah Print from berkleyillustration; Nuetral Black, White Handwoven Cotton Rug from texturesgallery

So, what did that say about me? I like animal artwork? How about: I like vintage items with a humorous flair.