Thursday, May 28, 2009

Board No. 54 - The Jerse

Inspired by this beautiful Treasury, which focuses on vintage-style road trips and will unfortunately soon be gone, I decided to do the first post in a series I've been thinking about for a while. I want to feature all 50 different states (over time, of course) and this weekend I am headed up to New Jersey for an engagement party. I know all the stereotypes of the Garden State, and I agree with most of them, but there really are parts that are exceptionally beautiful — I'm just not going to any of those places this weekend; it's off to Paramus for me! (Check out DirtyJersey's amazing tee pictured above.)

Top row: Garden State Pillow from lesliejanson; Teensy State Charm Necklace from basilthecat; Shine Photo from poofny; Ferris Wheel at Fantasy Island Photo from TheJonathanGalleries
Second row: Princeton Photo Collage from WalkingToJericho; Asbury Park Carousel House Photo from kwmagnets; Bruce Springsteen Recycled Record Album Journal from VinylFrontier; Belmar Beach Photo from jrzygirlphotography
Third row: American Goldfinch Oil Painting (state bird) from Studio111; 1947 State Map from Holcroft; Garden State Handmade Soap 56% Local Ingredients from storybookfarm; New York/New Jersey Travel Journal from kristincrane
Bottom row: It's Not Jesus, It's Jersey T-Shirt from tvsdesigns; Vintage New Jersey Souvenir Pennant from ArtDecoDame; Boat and Beach Umbrella from Freddismom; Vintage New Jersey Enamel Charm from opendoorstudio

Board No. 53 - Pounce: Shades of Blue

I was looking for some random theme for today's Pounce feature, and for some reason I am feeling very blue — not mentally, but there just seems to be a blue haze over everything today, I don't know! Anyway, support Etsy sellers who haven't yet made any sales and turn their blue-ness into some green!

Top row: Montana Sapphire Necklace from StevesGems; Superwash Wool/Alpaca/Nylon Fingering Weight Yarn from FreshbreadYarnSupply; Man With Tie Needlepoint from essjay; Handmade Ceramic Bowl from claycoyote
Middle row: Plumage Stationery Set from BirdcageCards; Baby Peacock Earrings - Labradorite Faceted Heart Briolettes from Antillia; Poppies Floral Pillow Cover from luckyliving; Tiny Cobalt Sea Glass Pendant from wewillrockyou
Bottom row: Escape Original Abstract Painting from JessicaTorrant; Polka-dots and Corriander Full Apron from Mellimoocow; Untitled Watercolor Print from hbraatz; Aqua and Periwinkle Leaf Earrings from Soundesign

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Board No. 52 - 4 O'Clock Hour

Counting down the minutes until I can leave work... Here's my favorite items listed in the first three-quarters of the 4 o'clock hour.

Top row: Vintage Chidren's Nursery Fabric Togetherness from DoNotDestroy; Tiny Bird Pendant from thalassajewelry; Black Kiss Traces Hand-Embroidered Stitchery from Samskiart
Middle row: Pleated Green Flower Dress (check out the back!) from AnnieFish; Lily in Blue Jeans Bag from myTida; Corset Screen Print from cadmiumatelier
Bottom row: All About Gold Clutch Bag from DavieandChiyo; Brass Leaf Charms from santabarbaradesigns; 1880s Bird Engravings Digital Collage Sheet from piddix

Board No. 51 - Strawberries Mean Summer

I can't believe I've broken the 50-board mark! It seems like I just started doing this yesterday. Anyway, thanks for reading!

We've been picking the red, ripe strawberries from our backyard for more than a week now and are so excited that there are still loads of flowers on the plants — meaning there's going to be more strawberries for weeks to come. There is absolutely nothing better than straight-from-the-garden fruits and vegetables, and strawberries are always one of the first to be picked, letting me know it's officially summer. Here's some inspiration for those who may not have a their own bushes.

Top row: Red Strawberries Potholders from frommysewingroom; Strawberry Pewter Charm from beadsws; Funky Strawberries Earring Collection from shaizcar; Strawberry Fields Necklace from redheart13
Second row: Strawberry Fields Two-Part Stamp from Corrabelle; Wild Strawberry Seeds from GardenItaly; Strawberries and Cream Votive Candle from thecraftasaurus
Third row: Strawberry Batik Onesie from jerusha; Silver and Concrete Strawberry Necklace from lulubugjewelry
Bottom row: Strawberry Pie Necklace from fakerybakery2; Juicy Strawberry Bar With Exfoliating Seeds from LoveLeeSoaps; Vintage Brass Strawberry Lockets from vivi1981ken; Vintage Anchor Hocking Strawberry Shortcake Milk Glass Mug from buppins

Board No. 50 - Old-School Baseball

Between the last post, where I began to reminisce about my dad's old company picnics, the Nats/Orioles game on Saturday and working on the Congressional Baseball Game program and baseball cards, I am totally in the baseball spirit. I don't really follow baseball, but I love the imagery of vintage baseball items and the whole Americana spirit of it all.

Top row: Silver Baseball Mitt Charm from MustHaves; Baseball Necktie from MeandMatilda; Washington, D.C., Baseball Jersey from TheLostPlayground
Second row: Vintage Cleat Coin Bank from ThreeChicksVintage; Baseball Cake Toppers or Food Picks from CuttsCreations; Baseball Print from acageybee
Third row: For the Love of the Game Photo Print from LDphotography; Yankee Stadium Photo from 1453designs

Bottom row: Homerun Baseball Soap from sunbasilgarden; Baseball Puppy Sweater from uta1114; Potato Sack Pillow from lesliejanson

Board No. 49 - Summer Fun

I am now officially part of the EstyBloggers team and with that, the team features one of its members as a shop-of-the-month-type feature. Well, for May it is CREATEaTHOUGHT (shop and blog) who is creative in such a hilarious way.

I am creating this board based on CREATEaTHOUGHT's bingo journal, which is utilitarian and chic at the same time! This instantly made me think of the summer picnics my dad's company had for its employees every year when I was growing up. There was of course bingo, but also horseshoes, canoeing and obligatory team games like water balloon relays. It's just so quintessentially summer. So here's to the fun, kitschy items from CREATEaTHOUGHT and to the fun summer days ahead of us. I hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day!

Top row: Picnic Plastic Cutlery Photo from jmillen; Vintage BINGO journal from CREATEaTHOUGHT; Beach Ball Ring from blockpartypress
Middle row: Horseshoe Happy Vintage Print from objetpetita; Hand-Printed Linoleum Woodblock Canoe and Cabin from whiskeyjackstudios
Bottom row: Creamsicle Barrette from goldilocksbarrettes; Mini Hotdog Charm Necklace from Dulcebella; Vintage Croquet Set from shopjude; Bases Loaded Key Chain from AngelQ

Friday, May 22, 2009

Board No. 48 - Cocktails and Steaks, Oh My!

So, I was also busy this week writing a review of Morton's the Steakhouse's newest book, "Morton's the Cookbook" (creative name...). The book is full of not only steak recipes, but also some amazing cocktails, salads, desserts and entrees that were all over the culinary spectrum. So, that inspired this post even though my items are a lot more kitschy than the always-classy Morton's would ever serve up — also look at it for some interesting Father's Day ideas:

Top row: Crabby Cakes Doggy Treats from MyPooperScooper; Vintage Hazel Atlas Cocktail Shaker from BazarBcuz; Vintage Celluloid Simmons Steak Knives from blogbloglog
Middle row: Hand-Painted Martini Glasses from KatsFabricsnMore; Meat and Potatoes Twin Onsie Set from bambinamia; Father's Day Blue Light Special Card from JillKinLA
Bottom row: Organic Heirloom Tomato Seeds from EcoOasis; Swordfish Notecard Stationary Set from reBloom; Cajun Steak Rub from chickenscratchllc

P.S. The swordfish joke is as follows (from my article): "Larry King 'likes' to dine at booth 10 [at the downtown D.C. location], where a painting of him hangs directly overhead, and orders the Morton’s Chopped Salad, 'chopped fine,' along with breaded swordfish, which is no longer on the menu..."

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Board No. 47 - I'm Ready for Summer Pounce

I am so ready for summer. Basically, I am ready for "recess," since I work Congress' schedule, I get to relax a bit when they aren't working, which is all of next week (and all of August...)!!! Here's to my counting down the days 'til I can breathe and here's to you shopping with undiscovered Etsy sellers:
Top row: Vintage Leather Dangle Earrings from butterflybohemia; Turqouise Blue Mohair Wrap from kiamichi7; Flowers Hand-Painted Kids Shoes from mspek
Second row: Glass Light Catcher from hiddenbiscuit; Seated Woman Print from FineArtStudio; Custom Flower Lights from nymphlyres
Third row: Reversible Bike and Cherries Pendant from shopmarmalade; 70s Vintage Polkadot Shirt from loucella; Swirl Shell Photograph from QuiteTheSight
Bottom row: Remnant Birdie Pillow from olivesbranch; Amazonite and Peach Moonstone Earrings from madfishdesigns; Ryanne Sundress 12-18 mos from annarellagirl

Board No. 46 - Naval Academy

One of the many reasons I have been so bad about posting here is that I was writing an article about Annapolis, home of the U.S. Naval Academy. Maryland's capital is known for many things, but I like to use the phrase that it is a "drinking town with a sailing problem." It's so fun — full of history, good food and relaxing waves. Anyway, that's clearly what has inspired this post — that and Memorial Day is coming up!:
Top row: U. S. Naval Academy Chapel Linen Postcard from leopatti1121; Vintage WW2 Navy Anchor Crest Pin from Sundayandsunday; 1950s Gold-Rimmed Dept. of the Navy Plate from vintagous; Authentic Vintage Sailor Hat from crosmaz
Second row: Anchor Charm Necklace from littlemisskirsty; Bristol 41 Annapolis Watercolor from haydenart;
Ivory Scrimshaw Ring With Anchor from lindalayden
Third row: Vintage Sailor Mini Dress from NinthAvenueVintage; City Dock Annapolis Print from HammelmanArt

Bottom row: Swiss Batiste Embroidered Cotton Lace Insert from AmazingTreasures; Little Sailor Girl Pocket Dress from NeverEver; Navy and White Stripe Tote from ikabags

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Board No. 45 - My Advertisers

I don't know if this is tacky, but I thought it would be nice to do a board of all the Etsy sellers who have been advertising with me. I know that there have been studies that show people tend not to click on online ads, so since they've been good to me, I'll try and be good to them.

Top row: Funny Wedding Card from Jailbird; Copper Acorn Necklace from missficklemedia; Noodle Bowls With Chopsticks from Creativewithclay
Second row: Kaleidoscope Quilt from corrcreations; Pink on Pink Fused Glass Pendant from luckygirltrading; Purple Rose Ring from FancifulForm
Third row: Rainbow Party Banner from corrcreations; Happy Birds Pillow Cover from CottonColors; Raindrops Necklace from FancifulForm
Bottom row: Handmade Ceramic Wine Bottle Stopper from Creativewithclay; Sterling Opal Triangle Pendant from luckygirltrading; Circle on a Stick Lovie from ablemabel

Board No. 44 - 11 O'Clock Hour

Well, this was intended to go up an hour ago, but between Google not working (what has my life become, so addicted to everything Google owns!) and an onslaught of actual work, it's a bit delayed. But, without further ado, here are some of my favorite items that were posted in the 11 o'clock EST hour — and if you can't tell by my picks, I'm in a bit of a weird mood:

Top row: Personalized Sterling Silver Guitar Pick from 3sweetpeasjewelry; Cranberry Evergreen Ring from binnabobbs; Butterfly Pendant and Ribbon Necklace from go2girl; Red Velvet Ribbon Oil Painting from paintedpretties
Second row: Soft Leather Frilly Bag from TheLeatherStore; The Elizabeth II in Barley from Yokoo; Vintage Opera Glasses from shihtzuwest; Porcelain Heart Pendant from aebeadboutique
Third row: Vintage Red Kitten Heels from TheRubyKitten; Lili Series IV Hair Clip from 5eizen; Sunshine Belt from thebirdiesnest; Yarn Bowl from FredParkerPottery
Bottom row: Handpainted Silk Fan from gilbea; Coin Cutout 1922 Peace Dollar Pendant from glocuts; Book Ends from ChristinaStratman; Gluten-Free Vegan Pancake Mix from tmarie6writing

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Board No. 43 - Crystal Clear Lantern

This post is inspired by a jewelry giveaway ending tomorrow night (!) over at Australian Etsy from Etsy seller ljjnjm. I chose her Crystal Clear Lantern Crystal Earrings as my favorite, and it inspired this post, well the lantern part. I am hosting a couple Memorial Day parties at my apartment (if you're in D.C., e-mail me as I'd love to get to know other Etsy sellers and my readers!) and need some outdoor lighting for the backyard, and where is a better place to shop than Etsy?

Top row: Hurricane Candle Holder from cccreations; Hanging Spiral Tin Lantern from MariposaAvenue; Japanese-Style Shoji Lamp from takumidesigns24; Sustainable Pendant Chandelier from sunfish820
Second row: Vintage Yellow Chinese Paper Lantern from vintagedame; Hanging Shoji Candle Lantern from earthsteps
Third row: Blue Wine Bottle Light from glassilluminations; Papercut Lanterns from Hannahnunn
Bottom row: LED Battery Powered Leaf Light from LEDlightingandart; 50 Origami Lights from whimsidoodle; Moroccan Brass Hanging Star Lamp from mesbah; Shabby Chic Candle Lantern
from peacefulplanning

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Board No. 42 - CREST

I recently joined the very talented Etsy CREST team, which is made up of Etsy sellers from the greater D.C. region. Everyone has been so nice and welcoming. Plus, my most popular post to date was the D.C. Lovin' boards, so think of this as a follow-up. Without further ado, here's some of my favorite items from CREST members, which I found by searching "etsycrest team" on Etsy:

Top row: Morning Glory Everyday Bag from maggiesuedesigns; Set of 2 Fabric-Covered Notecards from maggiesuedesigns; Ceramic Coasters - Eucalyptus - Set of 4 from laurenmc18
Second row: Gold Dipped Oak Leaf Necklace from celula; Vintage-Inspired Half Apron from boodybabies; Pretty Horses Dangling Button Earrings from ButtonDivas
Third row: Hogwarts Sock Yarn from shelbyB; Tiny Bubbles Necklace from SarahElinor; Bakelite-Handle Washington Forge Steak Knives from kitschkitch
Bottom row: Mirage Large Oil Painting from mloartwear; Organice Baby Chain from babus; Tupperware Dessert Dishes from olivepit

Board No. 41 - Pounce

Time for the repeating Pounce Undiscovered feature:

Top row: Sheldon the Knitted Turtle from gemjlo; Hand Painted Silk Gown from ishkabibblesdesigns; Turquoise Flower Earrings from MaryCrafts; Freshwater Pearl Floral Earrings from WillowJewelry; Paper Collage Floral Burst from box64studios
Second row: Polka Dot Elephant Pillow from takenaga; Plein Air Landscape Original Oil Painting from smithdugan; Green Polka Dot Flower from happypossum; Memory Keeper Necklace from plingstore; Elizabeth Taylor Tiara from wickedlittlethings
Third row: Ice Cream Cone Applique Tank from 2cleats2crowns; Bridal/Wedding Shower Ribbon Pillow from jessblake; Dreamy Clouds Watercolor Card from ainsleyw; Braided Leather Boho Headband from bekahbourgetjewelry; Four-Strand Beaded Necklace from sallymarie
Bottom row: Federal Housewares Syrup Set from goodlifevintage; Butterfly Strand from themoonjuggler; Graduation Pop Up Card from kittyhoi; Scotch and Bourbon Bottles
from ThrillOfTheHunt; Petunia Thank You Cards from poppypapers

Monday, May 11, 2009

Board No. 40 - Greek Isles

This weekend in D.C. was so amazingly beautiful: sunny and warm with a nice breeze. It seemed to me to be very Mediterranean weather. Now, with the rain and cold-front that has come through, I want to take a trip back to the weekend — maybe a little voyage to Greece?
Top row: Crochet Bikini from Fraisebijoux; Greek Ceramic Beads from alilbitextra; Spic and Span Serving Rolling Tray from ArtZodiac; Sui Generis Necklace from NooniJewelry
Second row: Jeanette Glass HiBall Corinthian Blue Greek Mediterranean Glasses from collectique; Santorini Steps Vertically from zynegallery; Helena of Troy in Jeans - Kiln-Fired Mykonos Bead and Copper Dangle Earrings from aj1801aj
Third row: Demeter Unsuspecting Dress from AftonRiver; Claire Cameo Ring from jillian1984
Bottom row: 1978 Greek Metaxa Liquor Bottle from TheVintageBible; Handmade Greek Roman Leather Sandals from AnaniasSandals; Set of 2 Clear Glass Soup Bowls from kitschkitch; 60s Hollywood Regency Greek Key Brass Dish from fabulousmess

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Board No. 39 - Alpha Decor

I don't have much to say about this one, it was just something that I thought would be fun to do. And it was!

Sorry, I am going to do the credit a little different just because there are so many. If this really offends you, let me know and I'll change it.
A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N; O; P; Q; R; S; T; U; V; W; X; Y; Z

Board No. 38 - The LAMP

I have been busy this week finishing up a consulting project for an amazing nonprofit, The Learning About Multimedia Project, or LAMP, which promotes media literacy to youth and their parents and teachers throughout New York City. (Check out their Web site, their blog, follow them on Twitter or friend them on Facebook.) So, since I am nearing completion, I thought I'd do a post with them in mind:

Top row: Art Deco Night Light in Orange and White Stained Glass from BrazanDesign; Pair of Vintage 1920s Black Pottery Lamps from Shandells; Soul of the Green Natural Handmade Gourd Lamp from studiotempera
Middle row: Mid-Century Aluminum Canister Wall Lamp Sconce from AustinModern; Vintage Modern Olive Green Desk Lamp from bouquet; 60s Mid-Century Modern White Jug Lamps from fabulousmess

Bottom row: 1960s Fauz Bois Tensor Lamp from PoeticHome; Scarlet Bird Night Light from thepinkcamellia; Blue Bird Redesigned Lamp and Shade from BirdWingProductions

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Board No. 37 - Budget Buys

Going along with my theme from this morning, I am looking to add some trinkets/decor items in my apartment that make it more personable, more Dave and I (Dave's my longtime live-in boyfriend who has VERY different style than me). The problem: We don't have a lot of extra cash laying around — just like most people right now — but that doesn't mean I don't want to be comfortable and excited to come home each night. So, with that, here's some fun (if not necessary) decor items for less than $10 (without shipping — hey, this was harder than it sounds!):

Top row: Brass Apple Paperweight from MaisysMarket; Small White Vase from kristasharppottery; 1976 After Shave Bottle Shaped Like the Capitol from MAINEMOOSETOYS; Aluminum Grease Pot Pitcher from JillRuth
Middle row: Penny and Estelle Two Ceramic Quail Friends from monkeysalwayslook; Vintage Brass Apple Dish from thevintageholicfrog; Small Turquoise Vase from KarinLorenc; Hazel Atlas Milk Glass Vase from buygollymissmolly
Bottom row: Giraffe Trinket Jewelry Box from FuzzyTreasures; Uncle Sam Bank from gotcha; Milk Glass Bud Vase from JasperStreetVintage; Vintage Bowling Ball and Pin Salt and Pepper Shakers from crabvilleinautumn

Board No. 36 - Saving Coin

In these tough economic times it's important to save, even if that just means a few cents here and there. With that, I'm declaring the piggy bank the must-have decor item of 2009 (OK, I have no basis for that except for that I've been on a hunt for one for most of 2009...). So, even though I am encouraging you to save, I would like you to spend your money by supporting small, independent shops like Etsy sellers — and spending is the only way for the country to get out of recession, you know.

Top row: Vintage French Wooden Apple Bank from reuseresource; Vintage Tin World Bank from ChanceVintage; Ceramic Nest Egg Bank from mudpuppy
Middle row: Retro Piggy Bank from prowl77; Lime and Chrome Polka-Dot Piggy Bank from kmoores3; Vintage Glass Piggy from CLUTTEREDmind
Bottom row: Green Car Wooden Piggy Bank from leewoodworking; Vintage Neiman Marcus Piggy Bank Bus from crabvilleinautumn; Vintage Mid-20th Century Figural Ceramic Winking Owl Bank from myhermitude

Update: I found these two while searching for my next post, and I love them... (Click the photo to go to the seller's pages.)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Board No. 35 - Cinco de Mayo

You can celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a margarita, or you can celebrate it by buying an item from an Etsy seller — or you can do lots of both!

Top row: Vintage Tin Litho Noise Makers from calloohcallay; Margarita Glasses Hand Painted from GlitznGlass; Senorita Flor Painted Gourd from aymujer; Mexican Cut-Paper Banners from aymujer
Second row: Mexican Folk Art Animal Pillow from missbutler; 80s Vintage Oaxacan Embroidered Tunic Dress from decades; Corn Tortilla Press/ Tortilladora Cherry Wood from kooymandesigns; Blanket Bag Happy Cinco de Mayo from alkdesigns
Third row: Spring Flowers Original Drawing from rgurney; Sunny Mexican Days Sunglasses Case from OhByJingo; Paper Flowers Cinco de Mayo Clutch from LoveAlisa; Mexican Folk Art Gourd Maracas from nocarnations

Monday, May 4, 2009

Board No. 34 - Tiggers Go Pounce

The reoccurring pounce is back, featuring even more Etsy sellers who have yet to actually sell anything. There are some fantastic finds here, and if I had the money, I'd buy several of them.

Top row: Pink Amethyst and Watermelon Tourmaline Earrings Wire Wrapped from ScarlettShoppe; Amelie Dress from LovelyLiv; Enchanted Lariat Necklace from InfiniteGlam; Crazy Daisy D Handle Pyrex Mug from countylinevintage
Second row: Silk Organza Flower Necklace With Glass Beads from MargaroArt; Sparkling Pomegranate-Cluster Earrings from sugarblush; Blue Grace Crochet Earrings from JVFdesign; Blue Sapphire, Blue Quartz Wire Wrapped Silver Earrings from fleurviolettejewelry
Third row: Vintage Brown Gingham Short Set from AuntNormasCloset; Crochet Pillow from lyinbeggert; Red Everyday Should Bag from Peapodsdesign;
Bottom row: Baby Shower Expecting Little Outfit and Feet Card from TheYellowUmbrella; Goose Handmade Stuffed Animal from mumscreations; Butch Walker Cross Stitch from youheartus; Quartz Crystal Necklace from VenusFlyTrapStudio

Board No. 33 - Rain, Rain Stay Here?
(I Want to Use My New Umbrella!)

It's funny: I went to Minneapolis this past weekend for the ACES convention and the weather was nicer there than it was in what turned out to be a very rainy Washington, D.C. (just like in the center gocco image below). Well, while at the convention, I picked up a fantastic umbrella (to add to my ever-growing collection) with comic strips from the Star Tribune. I don't have my camera today or I would take a photo, but it looks similar to the one pictured. I thought I'd use that cue — and that it's supposed to rain here until Saturday! — for this post:

Top row: Kalaidaspoke Linen Cushion Cover from bestillshop; British Brolly Graphic Print T-Shirt from happyfamily; Red Umbrella Original Illustration from carambatack; April Showers No. 07 from cutiepiecompany
Second row: Mod Rain Umbrella from DewberryVintage; DC Love III Gocco Print - Cherry Blossoms Special Edition from artsharkdesigns; Vintage Orange Polka-Dot Umbrella from itsastitch
Third row: April Showers Charm Necklace from bombalurina; Rainy Day Letterpress Card from letterpress
Fourth row: 50s Floral Umbrella from DewberryVintage; Vintage Spring Floral Umbrella from jessjamesjake; Brass Umbrella Duck from OliveVintage; Vintage Umbrella Cups from lazonya
Bottom row: Colorful Umbrella Japanese Fabric from karaku; Rainy Day 1 Fine Art Print from amaricemills; Peacock Umbrella from rawartist7; Umbrella Print Indoor-Outdoor Pillow Covers from PillowMio

Board No. 32 - ACES Up My Sleeve

I was away the past several days at a convention for copy editors — yes, we still exist! The professional organization, ACES, has inspired this board. (Unfortunately, one of the main themes of the weekend was the struggling newspaper business, but they aren't yet dead, so said one of my favorite boards, No. 16.)

Top row: Hey, Ace Necklace from sweetskull; Ace of Hearts Tank from TitTees; Aces High Earrings from DynamicDeesigns
Middle row: Tie Tack Playing Cards from dabbledesigns; Ace of Clubs Goldtone Playing Card Charms from CharmedLiving; Ace of Spades Cufflinks from crimsonking
Bottom row: Ace of Spades Recylced Deck of Playing Cards Box from VolcanoBlue; Vintage Waddingtons Rondo Circular Playing Cards from kraftykyle; Alice in Wonderland-Inspired Tea Cup and Playing Card Necklace from CuteAbility