Friday, May 22, 2009

Board No. 48 - Cocktails and Steaks, Oh My!

So, I was also busy this week writing a review of Morton's the Steakhouse's newest book, "Morton's the Cookbook" (creative name...). The book is full of not only steak recipes, but also some amazing cocktails, salads, desserts and entrees that were all over the culinary spectrum. So, that inspired this post even though my items are a lot more kitschy than the always-classy Morton's would ever serve up — also look at it for some interesting Father's Day ideas:

Top row: Crabby Cakes Doggy Treats from MyPooperScooper; Vintage Hazel Atlas Cocktail Shaker from BazarBcuz; Vintage Celluloid Simmons Steak Knives from blogbloglog
Middle row: Hand-Painted Martini Glasses from KatsFabricsnMore; Meat and Potatoes Twin Onsie Set from bambinamia; Father's Day Blue Light Special Card from JillKinLA
Bottom row: Organic Heirloom Tomato Seeds from EcoOasis; Swordfish Notecard Stationary Set from reBloom; Cajun Steak Rub from chickenscratchllc

P.S. The swordfish joke is as follows (from my article): "Larry King 'likes' to dine at booth 10 [at the downtown D.C. location], where a painting of him hangs directly overhead, and orders the Morton’s Chopped Salad, 'chopped fine,' along with breaded swordfish, which is no longer on the menu..."

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