Monday, May 4, 2009

Board No. 32 - ACES Up My Sleeve

I was away the past several days at a convention for copy editors — yes, we still exist! The professional organization, ACES, has inspired this board. (Unfortunately, one of the main themes of the weekend was the struggling newspaper business, but they aren't yet dead, so said one of my favorite boards, No. 16.)

Top row: Hey, Ace Necklace from sweetskull; Ace of Hearts Tank from TitTees; Aces High Earrings from DynamicDeesigns
Middle row: Tie Tack Playing Cards from dabbledesigns; Ace of Clubs Goldtone Playing Card Charms from CharmedLiving; Ace of Spades Cufflinks from crimsonking
Bottom row: Ace of Spades Recylced Deck of Playing Cards Box from VolcanoBlue; Vintage Waddingtons Rondo Circular Playing Cards from kraftykyle; Alice in Wonderland-Inspired Tea Cup and Playing Card Necklace from CuteAbility

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