Thursday, May 28, 2009

Board No. 53 - Pounce: Shades of Blue

I was looking for some random theme for today's Pounce feature, and for some reason I am feeling very blue — not mentally, but there just seems to be a blue haze over everything today, I don't know! Anyway, support Etsy sellers who haven't yet made any sales and turn their blue-ness into some green!

Top row: Montana Sapphire Necklace from StevesGems; Superwash Wool/Alpaca/Nylon Fingering Weight Yarn from FreshbreadYarnSupply; Man With Tie Needlepoint from essjay; Handmade Ceramic Bowl from claycoyote
Middle row: Plumage Stationery Set from BirdcageCards; Baby Peacock Earrings - Labradorite Faceted Heart Briolettes from Antillia; Poppies Floral Pillow Cover from luckyliving; Tiny Cobalt Sea Glass Pendant from wewillrockyou
Bottom row: Escape Original Abstract Painting from JessicaTorrant; Polka-dots and Corriander Full Apron from Mellimoocow; Untitled Watercolor Print from hbraatz; Aqua and Periwinkle Leaf Earrings from Soundesign

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