Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Board No. 41 - Pounce

Time for the repeating Pounce Undiscovered feature:

Top row: Sheldon the Knitted Turtle from gemjlo; Hand Painted Silk Gown from ishkabibblesdesigns; Turquoise Flower Earrings from MaryCrafts; Freshwater Pearl Floral Earrings from WillowJewelry; Paper Collage Floral Burst from box64studios
Second row: Polka Dot Elephant Pillow from takenaga; Plein Air Landscape Original Oil Painting from smithdugan; Green Polka Dot Flower from happypossum; Memory Keeper Necklace from plingstore; Elizabeth Taylor Tiara from wickedlittlethings
Third row: Ice Cream Cone Applique Tank from 2cleats2crowns; Bridal/Wedding Shower Ribbon Pillow from jessblake; Dreamy Clouds Watercolor Card from ainsleyw; Braided Leather Boho Headband from bekahbourgetjewelry; Four-Strand Beaded Necklace from sallymarie
Bottom row: Federal Housewares Syrup Set from goodlifevintage; Butterfly Strand from themoonjuggler; Graduation Pop Up Card from kittyhoi; Scotch and Bourbon Bottles
from ThrillOfTheHunt; Petunia Thank You Cards from poppypapers

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