Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Board No. 122 - A White Christmas

Continuing on with my home decor posts, I am removing all color and showcasing a white Christmas - one of my favorite options for the holiday season (with a little silver and gold, of course).

Top row: Swan Lake Silver Cone Ornament from amadalebel; Whirl Ornament from kimwestad; Winter White Paper Bauble Set from TanyaMac
Middle row: Vintage Bead White Angel Ornament from variation; Icy Snowball Ornaments from botanicaltheatre; Handmade 'Fancy Cane' Glass Ornament from Cloudcapglass
Bottom row: Winter Day Wreath from Stylishstems; Glass Candle Holders, Engraved With 'Floating Flakes' from daydreemdesigns; Ivory Cream Christmas Stocking in Felt from rikrak

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Board No. 121 - Shifting the Color Wheel

Sometimes green, red and gold are just too, um, boisterous for the message you're trying to get across. If I was decorating a home for the holidays, I really love non-traditional colors like peach and powder blue, just a slight shift on the color wheel and toned down to about 10%.
Top row: Reindeer Bells Gift Tags from PaperUlixis; Peach and Powder Blue Yarn Wreath from KnockKnocking; Vintage Mercury Bulbs from AMradio
Middle row: Hand Blown Glass Ornament from inthelightglassworks; An Odd Encounter Christmas Encounter from thelittlefox; Pom Pom Set from orangekisses
Bottom row: Cottage Holiday Hugs Little Deer Ornament from pinkbuttercreme; Twistar Origami Kusudama Ornament from magiccarpetbag; Salt and Pepper Christmas Trees from dbabcock

Board No. 120 - Don't Take it so Seriously

With all the stress that comes from buying presents, dealing with crazy in-laws and cleaning, cooking, wrapping, sometimes you just need to let it all go. Here's a few seasonal laughs for you:

Top row: Folk Art Creche from Phillustrations; Orna-meat from zaennabanana; Useful Soap Coal From Santa from sunbasilgarden
Middle row: Yule Shoot Your Eye Out Cross Stitch from youheartus; Bah Humbug Cat Card from LizzyClara; Ornament Hand-printed Letterpress Card from rollandtumblepress
Bottom row: Naughty or Nice Recycled Felt Pillow from alexandraferguson; Christmas Tree Mini Soaps on a Rope from SherisSoapOpera; Upcycled Crayons for Christmas from bluefoxcrafts