Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Board No. 52 - 4 O'Clock Hour

Counting down the minutes until I can leave work... Here's my favorite items listed in the first three-quarters of the 4 o'clock hour.

Top row: Vintage Chidren's Nursery Fabric Togetherness from DoNotDestroy; Tiny Bird Pendant from thalassajewelry; Black Kiss Traces Hand-Embroidered Stitchery from Samskiart
Middle row: Pleated Green Flower Dress (check out the back!) from AnnieFish; Lily in Blue Jeans Bag from myTida; Corset Screen Print from cadmiumatelier
Bottom row: All About Gold Clutch Bag from DavieandChiyo; Brass Leaf Charms from santabarbaradesigns; 1880s Bird Engravings Digital Collage Sheet from piddix

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