Thursday, May 28, 2009

Board No. 54 - The Jerse

Inspired by this beautiful Treasury, which focuses on vintage-style road trips and will unfortunately soon be gone, I decided to do the first post in a series I've been thinking about for a while. I want to feature all 50 different states (over time, of course) and this weekend I am headed up to New Jersey for an engagement party. I know all the stereotypes of the Garden State, and I agree with most of them, but there really are parts that are exceptionally beautiful — I'm just not going to any of those places this weekend; it's off to Paramus for me! (Check out DirtyJersey's amazing tee pictured above.)

Top row: Garden State Pillow from lesliejanson; Teensy State Charm Necklace from basilthecat; Shine Photo from poofny; Ferris Wheel at Fantasy Island Photo from TheJonathanGalleries
Second row: Princeton Photo Collage from WalkingToJericho; Asbury Park Carousel House Photo from kwmagnets; Bruce Springsteen Recycled Record Album Journal from VinylFrontier; Belmar Beach Photo from jrzygirlphotography
Third row: American Goldfinch Oil Painting (state bird) from Studio111; 1947 State Map from Holcroft; Garden State Handmade Soap 56% Local Ingredients from storybookfarm; New York/New Jersey Travel Journal from kristincrane
Bottom row: It's Not Jesus, It's Jersey T-Shirt from tvsdesigns; Vintage New Jersey Souvenir Pennant from ArtDecoDame; Boat and Beach Umbrella from Freddismom; Vintage New Jersey Enamel Charm from opendoorstudio

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