Monday, June 1, 2009

Board No. 55 - In Envy of the June's Pearl

I have always been so envious of June's birthstone: the pearl. I have an August birthday and while I love green, I don't always love that I am stuck with peridot — it's just not as classy and timeless and beautiful as the tiny, iridescent gems of the sea. So, in celebration of June, I present you with some of my favorite pearlescent items (both handmade and vintage, fake and real).

Top row: Blue Serenity Earrings from TulipsTreasureBox; Goddess Necklace from TheAbbey; Oxidized Coin Pearl Pendant Necklace from MoonMystic; Bird Nest Earrings from AKeepersJackpot
Second row: Rustic Pearl Pendant from LavenderCottage; Mermaid Necklace from Kecky; Pearl Photo Print from imagenero; Such a Square White Pearl Necklace from flightfancy
Third row: Something Special Rosette Necklace from littlejardin; Aurora Borealis Fantsy Wrap Gemstone Necklace from flightfancy; Chocolate and Wine Pearl Ring from LTheval; Bird's Nest Pendant with Freshwater Pearl Egg from mamasmagicstudio

Bottom row: Purely Demure Earrings from pastelpetals; Nesting Necklace VII from GreaterYesterday; Moonlit Trees Necklace With Gold Aspen Leaf from briguysgirls; Love Charm Necklace from tamar
* blue denotes an Etsy Bloggers Team member's store/item!


  1. Lovely picks!!! I love pearls, and drool over them all the time! Very pretty indeed!