Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Board No. 57 - ACEO What?

While I was searching for items for my New Jersey post the other day (it was a fun trip, by the way), I came across a Zach Braff Original ACEO drawing — I was searching Garden State, the nickname of the state and my favorite movie and soundtrack of all time — and I was baffled as to what an ACEO was. I may be way behind the times here as there are hundreds of them to be found on Etsy, but I had to wiki it.

It turns out to be something pretty cool: ACEOs, otherwise known as Artist Trading Cards, are "miniature works of art about the same size as baseball cards. ... The ATC movement developed out of the mail art movement and has its origin in Switzerland."

I'm thinking about maybe doing a wall of several of them framed. I found so many I liked that I made four color groupings that can each work as a larger collage — and I could have made so many more but this is already excessive. Here are some of my favorite originals:

Top row: Zach Braff Colored Pencil Drawing from CarrieScott; Cherrys from biggirl4664; Arizona Cactus from biggirl4664
Middle row: Still Life With Bird Watercolor from vusova; Pussy Willows No. 1 from JessicaDoyle; Fruit Loops Watercolor from Blakeswork
Bottom row: Apple Painting on Silk from kjmART; My Sari Acrylics on Tissue Paper from LemachiGallery; Flirting in the 60s from HandmadeHelp

Top row: Purple Iris Painting on Silk from kjmART; Beetle Colored Pencil Bug Card (Part of a really cool 30 bugs in 30 days collection; good for a collage in itself!) from samanthasartstudio; Purple Flower Fabric Collage from sojournquilts
Middle row: Magenta Abstract Flowers Watercolor and Ink from artbyshelleyann105; Blue Autumn Altered Photography from dahliahousestudios; Flame Flower Acrylics on Tissue Paper from LemachiGallery

Bottom row: Brothel Series Paintings from PoedyPencilPrincess; Depths Abstract Painting from artangel; Teal Metal Trees from CopperLeafStudios

Top row: Twisted Tree from missyandme; Tree of Life Watercolor from molMolly; Carpenter Ant from JulieSuzanne
Middle row: Abstract Flowers 1 from DreamON; The Kindest of Lions Watercolor from vusova; Butterfly Watercolor from thanks4lookin
Bottom row: Fish With Red Flowers Collage from lifeneedsart; Oak Leaf Watercolor from paratu; Negative Space Swirls from Parrish

Top row: Blossom Painting from suze; Black Tuxedo Cat from GalleryJuana; Magnolias No. 3 from JessicaDoyle
Middle row: A Man in a Red Room from JulieSuzanne; Harsh Realities from iluvlucy8; Love Birch from Blakeswork
Bottom row: Arrival Art Photograph from dahliahousestudios; Girl With Blue Hair Contemplates the Void from HandmadeHelp; Flower Patch Watercolor from DreamON

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