Thursday, June 18, 2009

Board No. 64 - OH - IO

Here's post No. 2 on my way to 50 Nifty. I'm heading to Cincinnati this weekend for a wedding and whereas I didn't have much love for Jersey, there is an odd place in my heart for Ohio. I am from the Buckeye State and spent 18 years growing up in the land of Cleve, so it will always be my home state (and the state that introduced me to my boyfriend, an OSU graduate).

Top tow: Sterling Silver Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame Guitar Pick from AndrosCreations; Ohio in 1915 Wood Broach from ME2Designs; Buckeye Tie Dye Women's Tee from TwoFishTieDye
Middle row: Handcut Ohio Sterling Silver Necklace from MaxineDear; Homegrown in Ohio Onesie from nothingasitseams; Vintage Cardinal Gold-Plated Cameo Locket from birdylove
Bottom row: Hand-Crocheted Ohio State Buckeye's Throw from dmsdelights; Vintage Ohio Blue Charm from saltsmansoap; Ohio State Plate from RememberMeMonCherie

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