Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Board No. 71 - A New Kind of Stitch 'N Bitch

I love that cross stitch is the new knitting and that it's totally being transformed into the 21st century. I remember learning how to cross stitch from my grandma at a very young age, and I even to this day I still have a very elaborate one that she did for me in my bedroom and a very simple, kitschy one that I did hanging in my bathroom. It's such a fun hobby that is easy to pick up whenever you have a spare minute, throw in your purse for on-the-go stitching. And so many of the new patterns I'm seeing for sale on Etsy are perfect for a modern house — not you're typical grandma-pattern. (These are both patterns and finished stitches for those at any level.)

Top row: He, he, he Cross Stitch from essjay; You're Slightly Cracked Cross Stitch Sampler from crossstitchnerd; Clyde Pin from stitchandplay
Middle row: Red Stapler PDF Pattern from Nrapture; Woody Allen Profile from StitchOutLoud; Once I Thought I Was Wrong Stitch Saying from stitchinginseattle
Bottom row: Giraffe Counted Cross Stitch Pattern from WooHooCrossStitch; Lollipop Flowers Cross Stitch Pattern from StitchNotions; Michael Ian Black Tweet Stitch from youheartus

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