Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Board No. 36 - Saving Coin

In these tough economic times it's important to save, even if that just means a few cents here and there. With that, I'm declaring the piggy bank the must-have decor item of 2009 (OK, I have no basis for that except for that I've been on a hunt for one for most of 2009...). So, even though I am encouraging you to save, I would like you to spend your money by supporting small, independent shops like Etsy sellers — and spending is the only way for the country to get out of recession, you know.

Top row: Vintage French Wooden Apple Bank from reuseresource; Vintage Tin World Bank from ChanceVintage; Ceramic Nest Egg Bank from mudpuppy
Middle row: Retro Piggy Bank from prowl77; Lime and Chrome Polka-Dot Piggy Bank from kmoores3; Vintage Glass Piggy from CLUTTEREDmind
Bottom row: Green Car Wooden Piggy Bank from leewoodworking; Vintage Neiman Marcus Piggy Bank Bus from crabvilleinautumn; Vintage Mid-20th Century Figural Ceramic Winking Owl Bank from myhermitude

Update: I found these two while searching for my next post, and I love them... (Click the photo to go to the seller's pages.)

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