Thursday, May 14, 2009

Board No. 44 - 11 O'Clock Hour

Well, this was intended to go up an hour ago, but between Google not working (what has my life become, so addicted to everything Google owns!) and an onslaught of actual work, it's a bit delayed. But, without further ado, here are some of my favorite items that were posted in the 11 o'clock EST hour — and if you can't tell by my picks, I'm in a bit of a weird mood:

Top row: Personalized Sterling Silver Guitar Pick from 3sweetpeasjewelry; Cranberry Evergreen Ring from binnabobbs; Butterfly Pendant and Ribbon Necklace from go2girl; Red Velvet Ribbon Oil Painting from paintedpretties
Second row: Soft Leather Frilly Bag from TheLeatherStore; The Elizabeth II in Barley from Yokoo; Vintage Opera Glasses from shihtzuwest; Porcelain Heart Pendant from aebeadboutique
Third row: Vintage Red Kitten Heels from TheRubyKitten; Lili Series IV Hair Clip from 5eizen; Sunshine Belt from thebirdiesnest; Yarn Bowl from FredParkerPottery
Bottom row: Handpainted Silk Fan from gilbea; Coin Cutout 1922 Peace Dollar Pendant from glocuts; Book Ends from ChristinaStratman; Gluten-Free Vegan Pancake Mix from tmarie6writing


  1. I sold that butterfly necklace! Hooray for Etsy!
    Thank you.


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