Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Board No. 47 - I'm Ready for Summer Pounce

I am so ready for summer. Basically, I am ready for "recess," since I work Congress' schedule, I get to relax a bit when they aren't working, which is all of next week (and all of August...)!!! Here's to my counting down the days 'til I can breathe and here's to you shopping with undiscovered Etsy sellers:
Top row: Vintage Leather Dangle Earrings from butterflybohemia; Turqouise Blue Mohair Wrap from kiamichi7; Flowers Hand-Painted Kids Shoes from mspek
Second row: Glass Light Catcher from hiddenbiscuit; Seated Woman Print from FineArtStudio; Custom Flower Lights from nymphlyres
Third row: Reversible Bike and Cherries Pendant from shopmarmalade; 70s Vintage Polkadot Shirt from loucella; Swirl Shell Photograph from QuiteTheSight
Bottom row: Remnant Birdie Pillow from olivesbranch; Amazonite and Peach Moonstone Earrings from madfishdesigns; Ryanne Sundress 12-18 mos from annarellagirl

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