Monday, May 11, 2009

Board No. 40 - Greek Isles

This weekend in D.C. was so amazingly beautiful: sunny and warm with a nice breeze. It seemed to me to be very Mediterranean weather. Now, with the rain and cold-front that has come through, I want to take a trip back to the weekend — maybe a little voyage to Greece?
Top row: Crochet Bikini from Fraisebijoux; Greek Ceramic Beads from alilbitextra; Spic and Span Serving Rolling Tray from ArtZodiac; Sui Generis Necklace from NooniJewelry
Second row: Jeanette Glass HiBall Corinthian Blue Greek Mediterranean Glasses from collectique; Santorini Steps Vertically from zynegallery; Helena of Troy in Jeans - Kiln-Fired Mykonos Bead and Copper Dangle Earrings from aj1801aj
Third row: Demeter Unsuspecting Dress from AftonRiver; Claire Cameo Ring from jillian1984
Bottom row: 1978 Greek Metaxa Liquor Bottle from TheVintageBible; Handmade Greek Roman Leather Sandals from AnaniasSandals; Set of 2 Clear Glass Soup Bowls from kitschkitch; 60s Hollywood Regency Greek Key Brass Dish from fabulousmess

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic collection! I can feel the summer, I can feel the heat, I can feel... the beautiful Greece!