Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Board No. 126 - MICA Art Market

My favorite times in the annual school cycle at MICA is when the students sell their art -- because it's fun, innovative and, best of all, cheap! One of those times is coming up soon, an annual holiday sale called Art Market. (Information here.) Anyway, if you aren't fortunate enough to be in the Baltimore area Dec. 8-11 to come to the event, here are some of the items from students/alumni available on Etsy.
Top row: Ziegfeld Girl Print from ybryksenkova; Henrieta and Ida Hand-Embroidered Doll from hilleryrebe; Radial Pillow from smalltalkstudio; Paon Necklace from PlumeInFlight
Second row: Handmade Cake Necklace from SimplyAesthetics; Delightful Foxes Card Set from smalltalkstudio; Avenir Font Soap from Soletta
Third row: Eco Felt Block Print Pin from greenstarstudio; Hot Air Balloon (and others) Birch Necklace from sonho; Thank You Woodcut Card from bowerbox; Agripinna Silhouette Necklace from Notoire

Bottom row: Coffee Cozy Wool Felt with Long Nose from greenstarstudio; Gold Key Under Mat Hand-Painted Doormat from damngooddoormats; Graphic Pillow Picto Cube from sonya1358

Here is a cell phone picture of some amazing pillows Alyssa Nassner (aka smalltalkstudio) made last year, the fabric she designed is amazing!

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