Monday, August 24, 2009

Board No. 101 - Back to School: In Style

I was glancing through some of Etsy's back to school "gift guides" and I have to say not that many of them said "school" to me. The "scholastic style" one, seriously, I didn't see scholastic in it at all (like this one?). I mean, there was a couple notable exceptions, but overall, these clothes might be appropriate for college-age students, but even then, most of them wear jeans and Ts to class. Here are some more-likely picks for college-bound wares (and I even included some unisex items!) — and for as much as I was feeling color in my supplies, I'm feel neutrals in clothes for the fall, I don't know why. Most of these items were found searching "jersey" in the clothing category since the fabric is the ultimate lazy-man's wardrobe necessity — it doesn't need to be ironed, it's easy to wash, and it's good to cuddle up in all day — it's great for the wear and tear of long college days:

Top row: Team Spirit Dress from Parsimony; Snow Typger Shirt from inkfingerSutter; Organic Cotton Mini Riva Dress from consciousclothing
Middle row: Turnaround Top from SHIHAR; Shawl Collar Wrap Sweatshirt from Lirola ;
Listen up School Girls Long Sleeve Cardigan from IkvothaMashiach70
Bottom row: Boobs - Fitted T-Shirt from jboston;
The Hipshack in Camouflage from maytreeark;Blah Women's Dress from tshirtproject

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