Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Board No. 92 - My Very Own Office

My man and I are starting to look at homes in the hope of buying soon and I'd like to find one we can afford that has three bedrooms, making it so that he and I can have our own offices. One of the places we've looked at, which I happen to love, has just this and one of the reasons I love it is that the room that would be my office (and guest room because it's the larger of the spare rooms) is fantastic. It has a sky light and is pentagonal, which is unique and fun. I've already got the entire room decorated in my mind: it would be in aqua and red since I already have a couple art pieces that mean a lot to me in this palette, and I've always been drawn to it; it would have a comfy couch that pulls out to be the guest bed, thus loads of fun pillows; some of the colorful photos of my Kitch inventory used as artwork along with the others that mean a lot to me; a big wood desk with room for my laptop and my sewing machine. I just want this fantastic creative outlet that I can retreat to and relax — something that's just my own and reflects who I am. Anyway, I've been looking at home furnishings a lot lately because of this potential move, so here are some of my Etsy picks for my soon-to-be (fingers crossed) office:

Top row: Circles Glass Mobile from LeahPellegrini; Cross Stitch Pattern for Vintage Phones from tinymodernist; Red Stapler Cross Stitch Pattern from Nrapture; Old Bright World Globe from postroadvintage
Second row: Vintage Liberty Steel Teal Metal Tackle Box from lisabretrostyle2; Divided Wooden Crate from ModishVintage; Vintage Electric Fan from simplyobjekts; Teala Phone from johnnyvintage
Third row: Vintage Guillotine Paper Cutter from ModishVintage;
1902 Rare Historical Map of Maryland, Delaware, and District of Columbia from bananastrudel; Custom Lovers Portrait from phunklab; State of Affairs Custom Pillow from diffractionfiber
Bottom row: Sweet Leona Pillow from norajane; Handwoven Cotton Looper Rug from sallyrae1; Swingline Staplers from TopsyDesign; Oh So Pink Gooseneck Desk Lamp from happydayvintage


  1. Thanks for including my mobile in your finds! The new potential house sounds really neat! I love a skylight... sounds like you'd have a great office...

  2. very nice blog, thanks for featuring some of my vintage office finds. Good luck on your new house!


  3. That's so exciting! Good luck!! Skylights are the best... I claimed the one in my house as well because it gives you such amazing natural light! You can create AND photograph in the same room--an online sellers dream, haha.

  4. Love it! I hope you get your office! Thanks for including the Happy Day Vintage desk lamp.

  5. Oh, I do hope you get your dream home soon! Your special room will just awesome!!

    Thanks so much for adding my tackle box to the mix. It just sold this evening...Mmm maybe someone who saw it here?!

  6. Perfect! Aqua and red is the very best color combo.

  7. Isn't it so much fun to pick out furniture and decor to fill the empty spaces in a new home? I have another month and a half to create new room layouts in my head before I genuinely need to fill the house. Lots of luck in getting the home you want!

    Thanks so much for including my Red Stapler pattern into the mix!

  8. VERY exciting! Good luck with the home search...ah to have an office [off to dreamland myself]