Friday, July 31, 2009

Board No. 90 - Pounce Roundup 3 (Finale)

I wanted to end with my personal favorite of the day's sweep of pounce posts. This may be a bit of a stretch, but this board highlights different ways materials can be used and different techniques you just don't see every day. Now some of them may not entirely be practical (I don't know, but knitted Chuck Taylors?), but they are all amazingly unique and fun.

Top row: Pirate Knit Chucks from PrettySneaky; Colorful Leather Leaves Clutch Bag from dazeddorothy; Brocade Lace Black Flask from Relishbygt
Middle row: Mixed Metal Necklace from myimperfections; Toro (After Picasso) Vintage Bike Part Ram's Head from Atelier688; Setotus Turbo Seashell Necklace from designershell
Bottom row: Rusted Cream Stoneware Tart Dish from RaffaeleDesigns; Titanium Oval Hoops from TitaniumLab; Job's Tears Coixseeds Seed Earrings from Katiesbasement


  1. Pirate knit Chucks!?! Whoa. I love my Converse, but exclusively wear lo-tops. These would make me reconsider and switch to hi. I checked the shop and she also has a wonderful pair of mustard argyle knit hi-tops that would be swell for fall/winter wear.

  2. I know, I love a lot of the patterns she has, they are pretty fabulous! I worry that it rains too much and too unexpectidly around here, though