Thursday, July 23, 2009

Board No. 84 - The Symbol of Summer Into Fall

It was really hard to choose which of EtsyBlogger of the Month miesmama's items to feature — there were so many fantastic items to pick from. She does a lot of unique crafts and I especially love all of her work with felt, and so much of it seemed summery, even if it's made out of a heavier material. The one that stood out to me the most, though, was the tote with a coneflower, likely because I am starting to see these flowers pop up all over the place and I just love them. To me, they symbolize the transition from summer to fall — one of my favorite times of the year (probably because it's around my birthday)!

Featured item: miesmama's Purple Coneflower Sweater Tote, which is made out of a recycled sweater!
Top row: Purple Coneflower and Butterfly Wool Applique Pin Cushion from StrandsandStitches; Purple Coneflower Dress in Plum Linen from CorysHandmade
Middle row: Summer Cone Flowers Enamel Earrings from leafingearth; Girls Hand Painted Tee from wendymarsh;
The Purple Coneflower Modern Art Print from artistscs28; One At A Time Fine Art Photograph from AmeliaKayPhotography
Bottom row: Purple Coneflower Note Cards from onecrazychicken; Touch Abstract Coneflower Closeup Photo from flandersfield; Pink Coneflower Wildflower Miniture Watercolor from BillingsleyRose; Coneflower Enhanced Photo from ClaudiaLord

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