Monday, July 13, 2009

Board No. 77 - Vintage Repurposed

I signed on to Etsy yesterday (I wanted to post this then, but I've been pretty busy) to find these wonderful pillowcases featured on the front page of the site. I just love them, probably because of the different vintage materials she used I can count the number of sheet sets that I had growing up (3). I love it!

Well, that's inspired this collection of vintage items that have been repurposed to have a whole new life ahead of them. I know it's chic right now with recycling or upcycling or whatever, but I just love vintage and if something is tattered or dated, it's nice to feature it in some other way...

★★★ UPDATE: I was just informed that the Trashion Team is having a group sale July 20-27, with a bunch of sellers having a percentage off merchandise (loneweever, featured below, is offering 15% off) and a huge giveaway of a lot of cool stuff donated by members.

Featured center item: pinsandthimbles's Large Cushion Made with Vintage Sheets (The Mint Patch/3)
Top row: Strawberry Lemonade Necklace from florabond; Recycled Sweater Ashtray Pincushion from loneweever;
Bird Circle Skirt from mariansmale; Vintage Fabric Pillow Cover - Orange Surprise from joemomma
Second row: Sunset Window Art Repurposed Window Frame from SemperNova; Green Tree Clutch from anotherjamiedavis
Third row: Car Show Necklace from hollylynne; Caught in a Net - Vintage Tropical Charm Statement Necklace from bionicunicorn
Bottom row: Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed from vintagerenaissance; Dew Drop Do Wop Necklace With Antique Chandelier Crystal from savagesalvage; Bamboo Garden Teacup Soy Wax Candle from TwilightSpells;
Steampunk Tree Box from arrowsarah


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my vintage pillow cover. I love looking at all the vintage items! It is so much fun to take old things and make them new again.

  2. I'm making napkins from some vintage sheets. In fact, the ones I finished last night feature some of the polka dots from the pillow cover!