Friday, July 24, 2009

Board No. 85 - Happy Birthday to Me!

Just as a heads up, my birthday is in a little over a week and my party is in two. So, this is the perfect time to order me a gift and have it arrive in time! ;) Ha! Even though I'm joking, I thought I'd feature some totally random items that I love right now, all around the $20 price-point or less, that would make great gifts for just about any 20-something female who likes the odd combo of kitsch and classics. (A couple of these you may have seen on this site once before... But no offense to anyone I didn't choose, there's just too much fabulousness to pick from!)

Top row: Teensy State Charm Necklace from basilthecat (but I want Ohio, but of course!); Pearl Harvest Necklace from flightfancy; Rainbow Sorbet Jade Necklace from FabulousChic (on sale right now!); Mercury Dime Cutout Pendant from glocuts
Middle row: Multi-colored Italian Leather Wedges from theduskyjewel; Small Moroccan Spice Kit from purposedesign; 1902 Rare Historical Map of Maryland, Delaware, and District of Columbia from bananastrudel; Vintage Milk Glass Pedestal Dishes from findingfabulous
Bottom row: Pyrex New Dot Mixing Bowl from marianneclare; Graphic Thermos from thebestthings; Kit Kat Begonia from stovallgardens09;
Dymondwood Fiesta Wine Bottle Stopper from massmans (free shipping - see comment!)


  1. Happy (early) Birthday to you! Love your choices for a gift!

  2. Happy Birthday! Thanks so much for choosing my pearls to add to this wishlist. I'm honored:) I was reading your past put together such great collections!

  3. Happy Birthday! Great choices for gifts, you always feature such wonderful items.