Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Board No. 108 - Hort

As I mentioned last week, I have recently signed on to do some consulting work with this amazingly awesome horticulture nonprofit, which I'm very excited about since I love all things gardening. So, because it's really late in the gardening season, I figured I'd feature some of the fantastic indoor plant options being offered on Etsy - many of which come from Etsy PHAT members, a team I just discovered recently and have spent a tad too much time exploring. I am going to do a separate post on bulbs, which should be planted in the ground fairly soon!

Top row: Festive Sushi Bonsai Plant - Seaweed Delights from timtierney; X Victoria - Sweet Airplant from PigeonToeCeramics; Hanging Snail Shell Spider Plant Kit from soulyluna
Middle row: Dwarf Beauty Juniper from bonsaiofnapavalley; Pinwheel Succulent Aeonium Haworthia from SucculentsGalore; Begonia Sophie Cecile from eclecticasia
Bottom row: Haworthia attenuata - Zebra Succulent from TwoDogGardens; Dend Andree Miller Blooming Size Orchid from SapphireChild; Spiral Aloe from Horticopia


  1. Nice selections! I have to admit I'm lusting after that Aloe from Horticopia. Thanks for including my orchid!

  2. oh lovely! thank you for the feature! you are quite talented at vegetable arrangement. :)

  3. Thank you for including my Aloe!! I've been ogling your orchids Sapphire, too. Happy Gardening :)