Thursday, September 17, 2009

Board No. 109 - The Stork Keeps Landing

I am in the throws of co-planning a baby shower for one of my friends, and I've been immersed in all things baby for a while now, since it seems like everyone around me is popping one (or three!) out. So, I thought I'd go in search of some gifts on Etsy, and maybe even some ideas for the shower.
Top row: Wooden Pinwheels Stacker Toy from prettydreamer; Matilda the Giraffe Baby Tag Toy/Rattle from babybomb; Wash Cloth Cupcakes Girlie Style from babycakesanddecorSecond row: Fish Mobile from PerpetualChildhood; Maya Reversible Pouch Baby Sling from polkadotpapoose; Organic Crochet Teething Rings from locoMOmomma
Third row: Brazilian Cherry Natural Cars from happysquashtoys; Baby Boy Cupcake Hat from NinisHandmades; Organic Nap Mat from SewnNatural
Bottom row: Changing Table Organizer from RockyTopDesign; Polka Dots Cloth Play Blocks from knitstyle;
Reversible Baby Bib from thepatacakebaby


  1. Buying gifts for babies is so much fun and I'm sure the moms-to-be will appreciate the handmade baby gifts from Etsy sellers! Honored to have my polka dot blocks included in this lovely list. I also love the bib from thepatacakebaby!

  2. Some beautiful items. I love the wooden toys, especially the little cars. If you are ever in search of one-off patchwork baby blankets made from repurposed fabric I'd love to point you in the direction of my Etsy shop Pieceunique.
    Have a great baby shower!