Saturday, September 5, 2009

Board No. 104 - Pounce Creativity

I am in the middle of creativity class — yes, you heard me, it's Creativity for Entrepreneurs — and thought I'd use my creativity to search through Etsy's Pounce Undiscovered listings and come up with a fun new board. I was really inspired by a lot of the jewelry I was discovering, so that's the theme here. I have been wanting to get into jewelry making, but I just have run out of time in my life... (Which brings up: Sorry, yet again, for the delay in posts this week, but work really has been crazy!)

Top row: Mother of Pearl and Crystal Necklace from mandymade13; Amharic (Cat. No. 418) from abigailJanowski; Charm Bracelet from fleurdelisjewelry
Second row: Bird Cage Earrings from lyonstudio; X Marks Necklace from dianawagner; Faceted Green Azurite Sterling Silver earrings - Picasso from philosophi
Third row: Agate and Leaf Necklace from ScarlettGray; Falling for You Locket from nicolitalove
Bottom row: Golden Shimmer Earrings from ChicHandmades; Beauty Necklace from bayatinge; Caramel Latte Earrings from theleidy


  1. Thanks for featuring my necklace!

    stephanie at bayatinge.

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