Friday, September 11, 2009

Board No. 107 - Vintage Tailgating

I love football season, as I already referred to last weekend during the big OSU game, so it's of no surprise at all that my latest post is inspired by tailgating — one of my favorite pastimes. I do tailgating, however, like I do most other things, with a retro flair. I'll be the one at Rhino Bar in Georgetown (the local Buckeye wateringhole) tomorrow night wearing something along the lines of this!

Top row: 'How to Watch a Football Game' Instructional Book, 1980 from kitschkitch; Vintage 50s Football Shot Glass from oldgrowth; The Tailgate Cookbook from RetroReDesign
Middle row: Aladdin Pump a Drink Thermos from buygollymissmolly; Vintage Norman Rockwell Cheerleader Print from Holcroft; Vintage Book, Best of Football From the Coaching Clinic, 1967 from booksngames
Bottom row: Vintage NFL Valances from Salvation; Football Talk for Beginners from ricracandbuttons; Vintage Plaid Picnic Blanket from paddyridge

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