Monday, October 26, 2009

Board No. 112 - Pyrex Love

Wandering around town the other day, I ended up near one of my favorite places in D.C.: the Renwick Gallery. It's one of the Smithsonian museums, but because it's not on the Mall, it doesn't get crowded with tourists. It's not very large, and I don't usually like most of the exhibits, but there is one room, the Grand Salon, that has floor to ceiling art on the walls and comfy couches and chairs in the middle, making it a great place to just sit back and think or read a book.

While there, I decided to take a stroll around the rest of the museum, and I found one statue that made me fall in love with Pyrex all over again. Now, if this was made of any other material, I don't think I'd be as intrigued, but you've all seen my avatar, and my store, and if you could only see my cabinets... This statue, appropriately titled "Amphora....Save," must have weighed a ton, and somehow the whole center vase-like section was just being held up by the glass outer shell. It just shows how strong Pyrex is - and it boggled my mind! Well, to honor this statue by Brent Kee Young, I thought I'd do a post of all Pyrex glass!

Top row: Art Deco Carafe from HappyDashery; Small Flameworked Hand Blown Glass Ornament from JennGoodale; Glass Pen Blush Pink and Amber from 101northglass; Green Glass Soup Cereal Bowls from vintageandnew
Second row: Sol Flower Promotional Casserole Dish from RustBeltThreads; Vintage Pyrex Pitcher from WeThinkWeCan; Green Diamond Harlequin Fire King Bowls from ArtZodiac
Third row: Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers from JennyHopscotch; Boro Glass Sea Turtle Pendant from glassaddictbeads
Bottom row: Eco Glass Straws from strawsbycarli; Handmade Glass Beads from liquidphoenixbeads; Glass Wine Bottle Stopper from saylesjodi; Vintage Pyrex Labware from Shabbylull

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  1. thanks for including the Happydashery in your post! I've never been to that museum, but it looks like a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Especially if it involves Pyrex inspiration.