Monday, October 26, 2009

Board No. 113 - California Cool

I was strolling around Capitol Hill (D.C.) on Sunday with a friend and we happened upon a garage sale getting ready to pack it in for the weekend. Well, I was lucky and found 19 super cool vintage glasses. Well, my favorite happens to be a three-toned (pretty rare) one from Hazel Atlas depicting California. It has been quite a while since I did one of my 50 Nifty posts, honoring each great state, so here's the next installment:

Top row: BART San Francisco Button Set from kingdog; Vintage California Beach Towel from RenaissanceProfessor; Golden Gate Bridge Charm Necklace from CharmStar; Retro 80s California Raisins Tote Bag from bostonbaglady
Second row: California Outline Necklace from boneofart; Candy Color, San Francisco Fine Art Print from RoadsidePhotographs; Going Back to Cali Suitcase from roundtrip; California Souvenir Vintage Handkerchief from corrnucopia
Third row: In the Redwood Forest Fine Art Print from TwoDogGardens; California 3-D Stickers from ExpressionsofFaith
; Sunny Heights Orange Grove Redlands Fruit Crate Label from LABELSTONE; California Necklace from mylavaliere
Bottom row: Vintage California Ashtray from EmilyLynch; Set of San Francisco Patches from atrickey; Seagull Venice Beach Fine Art Print from prettyinthecity; California Milk Bottle, San Francisco from alyssaettinger

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  1. I love this! I have such a soft spot four souvenir items! Thank you for including my ashtray.