Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Board No. 9 - Sale Jewelry

I was inspired this morning after seeing in my Twitter feed that LillyQueen posted about a Twitter (sponsored?) sale:Who doesn't love a sale in these economic times? So I thought I'd go on to Etsy and do a search for jewelry listings that are on sale or have been recently marked down. (And by the way, "sale" does not mean 5% off, people! Deals are $2 pearl earrings!) Now I don't know if any of these are a good deal even on sale — I'm not trying to editorialize — they are just items I think are beautiful. LillyQueen's necklace that she linked to is in the center, and is amazingly beautiful.

Top row: Blue Glass Earrings from 5andUnder; Envy - Green Chalcedony, Lemon Quartz, Peridot, Green Onyx and Sterling Ring from CoryellDesign; Dance of Green Necklace from ZMArt; Blushing Rose Necklace from crumpetcake
Second row: Flowers, Leafs and Dreams Necklace from PrivinaMonona; Sweet Wine NecklaceWhite and Gold Drop Earrings from HAPPYBLUE
Third row: Copper Rose Earrings from LuzDesigns; 14 Antique Bronze Plated Brass Fans from goshen
Bottom row: Boho Chic Charm Necklace from silverdotjewelry; Ivory Pearl Earrings from peppaandpiccalo; Original Real Preserved Red Rose Ring from BelaBrazillianDesigns; Steampunk Filigree Watch Movement Industrial Ring from qacreate
from LillyQueen;

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  1. Awesome blog post - glad I inspired you! Thanks for posting my links :)