Thursday, April 9, 2009

Board No. 2 - Magnolias: The Other Flower

I had an idea yesterday to do a post on magnolias because I live in Washington, D.C., and everyone's talking about the cherry blossoms right now — but I truly prefer magnolias, which are almost as equally abundant in this city. (Here's a photo of a beautiful blooming magnolia tree IN Washington from Etsy seller WillBPhotography.) Anyway, this morning when I saw a post over at Within Purple Lemon Designs about a giveaway with Etsy seller AaronOverstreetArt and his beautiful photo of a magnolia in bloom, I decided to go for it. (See his photo in the middle.) I ended up finding more amazing magnolia items than I could have ever imagined!

Top row: Magnolias, Original 5x7 Painting from Squashedtoad; Steel Magnolias Chainmaille Earrings from youvegotmaille; Glass Tile Pendant of White Magnolia Blossom Painting from CynthiaVHEhrlich; Magnolia Decal Home Art from PaulasDecal;
Second Row: Miss Magnolia Blooms Stud Earrings from LulaBoutique; Magnolia in Bloom by AaronOverstreetArt; Magnolia Wedding Invitations from Tulaloo
Third Row: Original (not print) Watercolor Painting - Magnolia from artwatercolor; Magnolias - Black - Hand Painted Adjustable Ring from sarahsmilecreations
Bottom row: The Magnolias Will Soon Bloom - Crochet Headband from plumdaisy; Sweet Magnolia Scarfette Pattern from fablehandmadegoods; Molly - Coral Pink Lucite, Green Glass and Brass Filigree Locket from curlysue; Magnolia Clutch Purse from ambermooncreations

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