Saturday, April 18, 2009

Board No. 12 - Eddie Inspiration

One of the many blogs I constantly follow (along with everyone else, it seems!) is Eddie Ross' because I really like his style and that he's always encouraging people to be thrifty — something I pride myself on. That being said, however, I find that many of the items in his fabulous new Etsy shop are still way out of my price range — I'm not saying he charges too much, just that I'm fiscally challenged. So, this is going to be a different type of inspiration board. I am going to take beautiful items from his shop and find some similar items from other shops that are a bit more wallet friendly. (Sorry, Eddie!)

Left: Eddie's pierced silverplate serving tray - $60
Right: Inspired filigree tray - $9

Left: Eddie's set of 6 1970s Golden Goddess glasses - $72
Right: Inspired set of 7 vintage bar glasses in gold and white key pattern - $12

Left: Eddie's 1950s gold splatter pitcher with stirrer - $85
Right: Inspired gold hostess pitcher -$20

Left: Eddie's PAIR of Italian white ceramic cherub candlesticks - $65

Center: Inspired single vintage cherub candleholder - $7
Right: Inspired vintage shabby French chic vase with cherubs (visually comparable to two candlesticks) - $10

Left: Eddie's pressed glass ice bucket with hammered metal handle - $45
Right: Same bucket, just not studio photographed - $12


  1. alas I'm fiscally challenged too... love that first tray of his though!

  2. That tray is quite amazing! It was actually the one I bookmarked as a favorite, and I was going to ask for it for my birthday - which is unfortunately still more than two months away.