Thursday, April 9, 2009

Board No. 5 - What a Hoot!

I was seeing so many owl items while watching the feed yesterday, so I decided to do one specifically on the hooter. And, so I cheated a little on this one because one of the items is mine — can you tell which one ... Anyway, I am out of town for the weekend. See you back here Tuesday!

Top row: Big Hoot Custom Order from ManicMuffinTotes; Pink Mr. Hoots Ring from laralewis;
HOOTY-WOO Oilcloth Owl Tote from Modern June; Owl Pot Holder from snappyshop

Middle row: Pair of Vintage Brass Owls from buygollymissmolly; Brass Owl Dinner Bell from kitschkitch; Sleepy Owl Plushie from eclu; Felt Owl Embroidery Key Ring from lovahandmade

Bottom row: Owl Pocket Apron from snappyshop; Hoffman Fabrics, Camp Fun Time, Owls in Leaf from fabricsupplies; Autumn Owl Tree from yumiyumi

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