Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Board No. 17 - Ampersand Love

So, I am going to admit something a little embarrassing. My name is Andrea and there was a time in junior high/high school — I truthfully don't remember when exactly — that I signed my name &rea. Oh, I thought I was cleaver. Well, even though I am past that phase, I still really love the beautiful shape of ampersands and have been looking for one — maybe either wooden or large letterpress — for my apartment. Here are the results of my searching on Etsy, not so much wall decor, but lots of great buys nonetheless:

Top row: Ampersand American Apparel U-Neck Tee from citizenone; Jumbo Wire AmpersandAmpersand Pillow Cover from marleyandlockyer; Ampersand Cushion - Teal on Chops from AuntyCookie
Middle row: Felt Ampersand Accent Pillow from lgaumond; Ampersand Sign Shabby Cottage Letters Chic from thebackporchshoppe; Epershand Earrings from Isette; The Super Ampersand Tee from loremandipsum
Bottom row: Custom Wedding Invitation - No. 10 from westwillow; Antiqued Typewriter Key Necklace from basilthecat; Custom Wedding Invitation Set - No. 7 from upup from kristinemays;

Not included in the board, I did find this one that I am torn about. I am not usually a seashell person at all, and this reads to me as a bit bridal, but something about it is making me laugh a little and in a good way. Survey: What do you think? Hit or miss? Leave me a comment below.