Monday, April 20, 2009

Board No. 14 - Little Birdie

Yesterday was so beautiful that we had the windows open and I heard the birds chirping outside all day. Even though it's raining all day today, yesterday's weather and the hint of spring has led me to want a bird feeder or two to put up in the backyard, and Etsy has a huge stash of them:

Top row: Blue Bird Feeder from PottersVision; Ceramic 3-Sided Hanging Bird Feeder in WhiteWelded Steel & Copper Birdfeeder 130 from joepapendick
Second row: Bird Feeder in Aqua from claydame; Fabrege Feeder from ladyh; Bird Feeder Made From Repurposed Street Lights from redyellowandblueink
Third row: Daisy Teacup Bird Feeder / Tiny Birdbath from littlepaperhome; Mushroom Shaped Ceramic Pottery Bird House from mudpuppy; Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder from Hummingbirddelight
Bottom row: Double-Decker Bird House From Old Coffee Pot With Wood Handles from iron55; Handmade Woodwork Bird Feeder from Wudls; Bright Green Cedar Shake Birdhouse from DuckabushWoodworks from fruitflypie

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