Monday, April 20, 2009

Board No. 15 - I Wish I Could Do That ...

I was on the Metro this morning and spotted a woman with this fantastic bag made out of a Washington Post. I didn't get a chance to ask her where she got it as she got on the train one stop before I got off, but I did get a really bad snapshot of it:

This bag inspired two posts, this one and one about newspapers.

I am completely in awe of how talented so many Etsy sellers are. I am constantly finding "crafts" on Etsy that I say to myself, "I wish I could do that. That's so creative!" Well, here's some of the projects I have on my list to learn in the next, well, who am I kidding ...

Top row: Embroidered Oilcloth Checkbook Case from etuidesign; Origami Triangle Boxes from niwatori; Copper Candlestick VI from McGdesign
Middle row: CRAYO-Names - Cube Box from StoryBlox; Oilcloth Party Banners from modernjune; PDF Tutorial - Tile Coasters from littlecoastergnome
Bottom row: Mornington Necklace (Sterling Silver Chain) from Muntedkowhai; Butter Cream Pedestal With Succulents from greenwaredesign; Amy Butler Sewing Pattern, Sophia Carry All from fabricsupplies


  1. awww yay, thanks for including my coaster tutorial :) i'm the same way...there are so many things out there i want to try, but who has the time!

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