Friday, April 24, 2009

Board No. 23 - Etsy Day Pounce, part 4

I am still rounding up some more home decor items, so here is part 4 (part 1 was jewelry; part 2 was kids; part 3 was clothing and bags) — which is just a random mosh of kitschy fun (my favorite kind!) sold by undiscovered shops on Etsy. This also includes some kids items and jewelry that didn't fit on the boards — there's just so many great items to choose from! Please help celebrate Etsy Day today by supporting sellers, especially those who have yet to have any sales.

Top row: Gift Tags Set of 5 Handmade with Vintage Flower Seed Labels from TinkersCreativities; Felted Wool Bracelet from jspiliotes; Black/Hot Pink Ruffle Skirt from LilWhiteRose; Cheeseburger Tote Bag from EmilinaBallerina
Second row: Rock Hen With Egg from qvistdesign; Rainbow Color Mosaic Squares Tape from JustAPerfectDay; Set of Four Octopus Cards from morrkelly; 12 Pink Newspaper Beads from halibuvalley
Third row: Bright and Cheery Birdhouses - Set of 3 from 3HootStudio; Wool Scottie iPhone Sock from ejacqui;
Little Orange Button Ring from FunnyLittleBird; Printable Art - Craft is Good for You from ollietoo
Bottom row: Wood Butterfly Pendant Earrings from AnbaaSan; Fancy Shirts in Shadow Box from Marichik;
May Flowers Embroidery and Button Note Card from iheartzb; Vintage Flower Power Coffee Cups from debz08

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