Monday, April 27, 2009

Board No. 27 - Ginkgo Fan

My favorite tree of all time is the ginkgo. It's my dad's favorite, too, so I guess it shows I'm still a daddy's girl, but for a tree it has so much meaning behind it. I mean it's a living fossil, how neat is that. Anyway, the reason it's in my mind today is that the little baby leaves are starting to come out on the thousands of ginkgos that line D.C. streets. It's one of the first trees that have greenery at this point in the year, letting me spring is officially here (that and the 90-degree weather...).

Top row: Ginkgo Leaf Earrings - Dangle from esdesigns; Multi-Hued Green Ginkos on Pale Rose Silk Scarf from martiecarroll; Surprise Ginkgos Original Woodcut Framed from DwellinStyle; Ginkgo Cutout Blank Notebook from lmoss
Second row: Sweet Brass Ox Plated Ginkgo Leaves With Pre-Drilled Hole from dimestoreemporium; Ginkgo Leaf Painted Short-Sleeve Tee from mamoplanet; Pretty Little Ginkgo Plates, Set of Four from sumiko; Ginkgo Leaf Clutch - Ruby Red on Repurposed Jeans from pocketcarnival

Third row: Ginkgo/Maidenhair Leaves, Hand Pulled Screen Print from boldandnoble; Ginkgo Leaves Rubber Stamp Set from Corrabelle; Ginkgo Impression Necklace from andreabrenna; Sample Ginkgo Letterpress Wedding Invitation from armatodesign
Bottom row: Ginkgo Pendant, Copper, Brown Patina from ginkgo; Oceana Lariat - Mother of Pearl Shell Necklace on Sterling Silver Chain from trillium; Ginkgo on Tan Repurposed Leather Wallet from foundbynicki; Ginkgo Stationery - Original Oil Painting Illustration from TimelessPaper

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