Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Board No. 29 - Congrats, High School Grads

I'm loading you guys up because I am going out of town for work until Sunday, so take your time and enjoy.

Graduation is coming up — which for me unfortunately means finals since I still have two years before I get my MBA — but it's a happy time nonetheless. Here's part one of my graduation boards, these are meant as simple gifts for high school grads.

Top row: Hand Stamped Sterling Silver Tag and 2009 Charm Necklace from tinytokensdesigns; Graduation Wish Dog from wishwithme; You Can't Borrow My Notes Necklace from gasupthezamboni
Middle row: Graduation Day Retro Cutie Pin Brooch from AResinRevival; Personalized Congrats Graduation Card from greenribbon; Congratulations Graduation Card from OneFoldDesigns
Bottom row: College Ruled Pocketbook or Checkbook Holder from QuietDoing; Scrabble Tile Pendant Graduation 2009 from HomeStudio; Car Window Decal Graphic With Graduate Cap and Tassle from HouseHoldWords


  1. Great set of what-have-yous for graduation. Good job graduates!

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