Saturday, October 31, 2009

Board No. 116 - Bacon Infused

Last night I went to the Oval Room (near the White House) for drinks with some friends and to visit the amazing sommelier there, Brent Kroll. Definitely try the white pinot and the cab franc, but the odd highlight of the evening was a special cocktail Brent created infused with bacon - it tasted just like breakfast, with maple syrup and a smokey bacon follow. So that has inspired this post:

Top row: Cheesy Bacon Popcorn from FlutterbyPopcorn; Vegan Bacon Chocolate Bar from chocoagogo; The Fad - Peanut Butter and Bacon Peanut Brittle Cookie from FattyCakesNY
Second row: Bacon Chocolate Chip Chocolate Cookies from sweetnsavorys; Bacon and Eggs Apron from snappyshop; Bacon Soap from sweetsoaps
Third row: BLT Sandwich Necklace from peachblock; Wool Bacon Scarf from bernicesutherland; Extra Large Raw Bacon Magnets from DesignDude
Bottom row: Maple Bacon Votive Candles from kittredgecandles; Bacon Love Archival Print from mgenomgeno;
Bacon, Sun-Dried Tomato and Garlic Bagels from eeka13

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Board No. 115 - Welcoming New Etsians

Since the beginning, I have tried to make it a mission of this blog to feature new Etsy artists and vendors who haven't had any sales - but who have some amazing items for sale. Well, I am returning to the tradition:

Top row: Five Bowl Nesting Set from elizabethcohenpotter; Calcedonia Vessel 1 from stephenjacklyn; Rich Necklace from neosta
Second row: Ocean Floor Pearl Coral Gold Pendant from sunsouljewelry; Grandmother's Pearl Necklace from GloryJewelryDesigns; Spring Circle from Mar980
Third row: Turquoise and Silver Necklace from psgem2; Tree Pillow Cover from FleaFair; Duchess Satin and Cotton Velvet Slim Skirt Dress from MaretEiland
Bottom row: Black Strapless Cocktail Dress from glossvegas; Salvaged Sea Necklace from paradigmsshift; HalfMoon HandBag / Handcrafted Leather from EspontaneaBCN

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Board No. 114 - Blue Dogs

I have been rereading "Travels With Charley" by John Steinbeck, something I do every few years around this time of the year - the book takes place over a three month period from just after Labor Day to winter, and captures all seasons in Steinbeck's trip across the country. It's one of my all-time favorite books and I take away something completely different from it each time I read it, depending on where I am in my life. Well, I am doing this post to honor one of the main characters, someone who set the spirit of the ride: Charley, Steinbeck's aging French blue poodle.

Top row: Plaid Like Dad - Blue Plaid Dog Leash from BigDoggyBling; Eco Dog Coat from anniessweatshop; Custom Collar - Blue Argyle from FidosFashionCollars
Middle row: Heavy Duty Copper Washer Tag from PoochyCouture; Doggie Tug Rope from kavali8; Anti-Flea Flea Bag Heart in Blue Plaid from Fionahayes
Bottom row: Personalized Rope and Ball Dog Toy from mollymagic; Grandpa's Favorite Golf Pants Collar or Leash from TheModDog; Upcycled Umbrella Dog Rain Coat from RecyclingZychal

Even though I was looking for blue-colored dog supplies, I came across this mail/letter holder and had to share it with you. I just think it's fantastic and looks pretty similar to Charley himself!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Board No. 113 - California Cool

I was strolling around Capitol Hill (D.C.) on Sunday with a friend and we happened upon a garage sale getting ready to pack it in for the weekend. Well, I was lucky and found 19 super cool vintage glasses. Well, my favorite happens to be a three-toned (pretty rare) one from Hazel Atlas depicting California. It has been quite a while since I did one of my 50 Nifty posts, honoring each great state, so here's the next installment:

Top row: BART San Francisco Button Set from kingdog; Vintage California Beach Towel from RenaissanceProfessor; Golden Gate Bridge Charm Necklace from CharmStar; Retro 80s California Raisins Tote Bag from bostonbaglady
Second row: California Outline Necklace from boneofart; Candy Color, San Francisco Fine Art Print from RoadsidePhotographs; Going Back to Cali Suitcase from roundtrip; California Souvenir Vintage Handkerchief from corrnucopia
Third row: In the Redwood Forest Fine Art Print from TwoDogGardens; California 3-D Stickers from ExpressionsofFaith
; Sunny Heights Orange Grove Redlands Fruit Crate Label from LABELSTONE; California Necklace from mylavaliere
Bottom row: Vintage California Ashtray from EmilyLynch; Set of San Francisco Patches from atrickey; Seagull Venice Beach Fine Art Print from prettyinthecity; California Milk Bottle, San Francisco from alyssaettinger

Board No. 112 - Pyrex Love

Wandering around town the other day, I ended up near one of my favorite places in D.C.: the Renwick Gallery. It's one of the Smithsonian museums, but because it's not on the Mall, it doesn't get crowded with tourists. It's not very large, and I don't usually like most of the exhibits, but there is one room, the Grand Salon, that has floor to ceiling art on the walls and comfy couches and chairs in the middle, making it a great place to just sit back and think or read a book.

While there, I decided to take a stroll around the rest of the museum, and I found one statue that made me fall in love with Pyrex all over again. Now, if this was made of any other material, I don't think I'd be as intrigued, but you've all seen my avatar, and my store, and if you could only see my cabinets... This statue, appropriately titled "Amphora....Save," must have weighed a ton, and somehow the whole center vase-like section was just being held up by the glass outer shell. It just shows how strong Pyrex is - and it boggled my mind! Well, to honor this statue by Brent Kee Young, I thought I'd do a post of all Pyrex glass!

Top row: Art Deco Carafe from HappyDashery; Small Flameworked Hand Blown Glass Ornament from JennGoodale; Glass Pen Blush Pink and Amber from 101northglass; Green Glass Soup Cereal Bowls from vintageandnew
Second row: Sol Flower Promotional Casserole Dish from RustBeltThreads; Vintage Pyrex Pitcher from WeThinkWeCan; Green Diamond Harlequin Fire King Bowls from ArtZodiac
Third row: Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers from JennyHopscotch; Boro Glass Sea Turtle Pendant from glassaddictbeads
Bottom row: Eco Glass Straws from strawsbycarli; Handmade Glass Beads from liquidphoenixbeads; Glass Wine Bottle Stopper from saylesjodi; Vintage Pyrex Labware from Shabbylull

Board No. 111 - The Non-Working Gal

I know it's been a long while and I am very sorry for that. My life was turned upside down last month when I got laid off and I have made it my full-time job to find a new one. (Anyone have any leads? I'd like to switch careers toward marketing, which is part of the struggle.) Anyway, not to be a downer - because even though this isn't an ideal situation, I've actually stayed really positive through the whole thing - I wanted to put together a board of job-hunting supplies for anyone else in a similar boat, or if you're just looking for a career change.

Top row: Blue Owl To Do List Notepad from boygirlparty; Lilli Ann in Celadon Suit from melsvanity; Mini Wallet Business Card Holder in Cherry Red Wall Flower Fabric from baffinbags
Middle row: Elegance Paris 60s Grass Green Suit from starletvintage; Personalized Cards from colettepaperie; Vintage Green Wool Christian Dior Tailored Suit from SkivvyLuLuVintage
Bottom row: Handturned Wood and Corian Ink Pens from avintageflair; Laptop Case in Cream and Gold Retro Dots from JavaJaneDesigns; Custom Letter Pages With Envelopes (for thank you notes) from PeonyPaperie

If I don't figure out what I want to do in the next month, I think I'll be turning to this Etsy buy.